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The best gift selection for promotion at the end of the year

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
As the end of the year approaches, most enterprises need to prepare to present old customers at the end of the year. What kind of gifts are suitable for the end of the year to impress old customers? Xiaobian combines the following points to develop a'The end of gift and old customers'The promotion plan. 1. Analyze the customer's demand for gifts. With the current wide variety of gifts, the current customers are not only pursuing the quality of gifts, but also caring about the practicality and personalization of gifts. What customers hope is that gifts are different from others, which can make users' daily life unnecessary and convenient. 2. Considering its own cost. On the side of the enterprise, the first thing that matters is the feedback from users, and the second is the cost of gifts paid by the enterprise. The effect of the enterprise's gift cost is best to account for the satisfaction of most customers, not only without losing grade, but also the actual cost of gifts cannot exceed the advance. 3. Consider from the long-term perspective of the enterprise. The gifts given by enterprises are not only for the promotion at the end of the year, but more importantly, to retain old customers. The potential demand is to open up new customers. How to open up? Now the new gift customization in the gift industry can be satisfied. Gift customization this new service is to make personalized customization requirements on gifts, and add corporate brand logo or corporate logo to achieve the role of image promotion, so choose gifts that are often practical and highly exposed. Gift Promotion according to the above three points, carefully select and make an effective year-end promotion program. If you still can't find a gift, Xiaobian suggests that you can choose the best gift at the end of the year. The luggage and gift customization is low-cost, practical and often carried outside, which is in line with the above three characteristics.
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