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The best choice for women to reduce shoulder weight

by:Xilong      2020-03-29
On the way, you will see many women carrying shoulder bags at work, and the height of the two shoulders is different. Some experts suggest that women's backpacks can bear no more than 6 catties, So What items do they usually carry in their bags? According to the survey, women's office bags generally have' Mobile phone, charger, notepad, wallet and cosmetics' , The weight of these small things put together is already 4- 5 kg, long-term back words will lead to shoulder, neck and waist damage, easy to ache, bone hyperplasia, cervical spondylosis and other symptoms. How should women prevent it? Women use the backpack is the best choice, relative to the backpack, backpack can share the weight on both sides. Some experts have analyzed that if you carry a backpack for more than an hour, you will have shoulder and neck pain, and if you have a long time, you will have high and low shoulders. From the perspective of mechanics, backpack is the most scientific backpack. The enterprise customizes employee benefits, considers women's health from the perspective of women, and customizes a backpack with Enterprise logo for female employees. It deepens the gratitude of female employees to the enterprise and gives the enterprise an opportunity to display its brand.
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