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the adventure life with steve casimiro gear: twice is nice for the carriers of rice

by:Xilong      2019-08-18
West Coast editor Steve Casimiro\'s text and photos skip the creative writing attempt and let\'s point it out correctly: This super
Rad Keen messenger bags are made from recycled rice bags that are discarded and found in a corner of Keen shoe factory in Panyu, China, and are reused for this
How cool is the giant rice bag?
Cornell, which is about a month to go public ($70; www. keenfootwear. com)
It is part of the new harvest line at keen harvest, all built in bags with rice from the factory cafeteria.
The first harvest bag you can buy now is super
Female handbags and wallets with names like Pettygrove and quimby, but Cornell is a straight-
Up messenger package compatible with the most common male psychology, demographics and prototypes.
It has an adjustable strap, a large compartment, several tissue slots, several zippers, a laptop case with a light pad and a holster with a pen.
It\'s about it, but hey, it\'s a messenger bag, something very simple.
Eric Groff said the idea was to search around the factory by a designer at keen mall with the aim of making trade show name badges without spending money, who was in charge of keen Mall
The badge was successful (and free)
After a while, Groff and another designer began designing the package.
In China, workers basically live in factories and eat a lot of rice, says Grove.
It\'s crazy for me and it shows up on this incredible flat sheet.
They chose these great designs to transport rice, which is beyond my reach, but they did.
We have to check hundreds of these bags in a month and once they are done they get thrown away and become original.
They went from the rice factory to our factory and they just sat there.
Because the messenger is built with any available rice bags, each Cornell is made up of stitched crazy quilts --
A variety of patterns, a variety of designs, logos, Chinese fonts and English are mixed together, as well as a huge color palette.
Obviously, each package is unique.
Every time I look inside, I see a cartoon character giving me a thumb.
Is he rice?
White bean disease?
I try not to think too much about who he is, don\'t we have enough restriction labels in today\'s society?
He was just a hidden mystery man who happily approved my every move.
However, the custom backpacks structure is more important than the rice bag.
Brown paper backed by water
Resistant to polypropylene, drawn bags from factory use.
Shoe molds for old leather or rubber scrap, whatever they take from point to point, Groff said.
They use these bags once or twice and throw them away.
It\'s really just wasted on the door.
The bottom of Cornell is made of old inner tubes purchased from scrap shops near the factory.
Aluminum hardware comes from a shoe mold that has been melted and modified.
Only the zipper, the soft lining on the sleeves of the laptop and some small details are new.
For spring 2009, Keen is considering duels, other bags, accessories, and even sandals that incorporate rice bags into it.
Grove said, \"there is really no end to this.
No, no, no.
Until the Chinese stop eating rice.
The little guy in the custom backpacks just said with a smile, brother, go ahead.
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