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The advantages of designers in the luggage industry are transformed into corporate brand resources

by:Xilong      2020-03-27
After the rising cost of raw materials and labor force in recent years and the sluggish consumption caused by the debt crisis in Europe and the United States, the profits of some professional markets relying on export orders have been squeezed to the critical point of winning and losing. Many professional market merchants woke up from the dreams of China and the United States. They were surprised to find that those peers with independent brands and strong R & D and design capabilities, in this cost war, it not only gained a firm foothold but also achieved rapid development, and the importance of designers to the development of enterprises and brands was also cited again. Liu Ming, president of Guangdong luggage Association, pointed out that there are many excellent fashion designers in Guangdong, but they have not transformed the advantages of these designers into brand resources, and the cooperation between many designers and business owners has not brought into full play their due advantages. However, this kind of situation has improved in recent years, and some professional markets even set up designer studios specially; Guangzhou International Textile City, which is located in Zhongda cloth business district, holds'Guangdong college students Fashion Week' , Is also a source of fresh blood for brand selection talents. Li Yang, general manager of Xilong, said that a few days ago, the leaders of China Textile Industry Federation and China Clothing Designers Association visited Cotton. One of the tasks was to seek brand cooperation for designers and find a way out for the transformation of design results. ' Nowadays, fabric enterprises have also joined in the close dialogue with clothing designers and clothing enterprises. ' Li Yang said that many luggage customization enterprises in Liuhua now have design teams to learn to apply international popular information and apply this resource to design. Product characteristic design originates from excellent design, and combines various elements of luggage to highlight the positioning and characteristics of the company's products. Enterprises with their own style characteristics will quickly meet the needs of users and occupy market share. Xilong luggage customization is talking about the integration of designer resources into an important brand resource of the company, and walking out of a brand Road for Chinese luggage customization enterprises.
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