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The 2019 Xiamen spring gift exhibition successfully ended. The wonderful moments should not be missed

by:Xilong      2020-03-23
April 28, 2019, 27th th China (Xiamen) The International Home furnishing gift exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. The exhibition is as lively and spectacular as ever. At the four-day exhibition, distributors, wholesalers, gift companies, department stores, group procurement and end users from all over the country have gathered in Xiamen convention and exhibition center to prepare for the distribution and procurement of products in the next quarter. Xilong luggage has been participating in the Xiamen Gift Show for 15 consecutive years. This exhibition is featured by Xilong luggage. Classic. Boutique' The theme is to choose some classic boutique styles in the past few years and dozens of new spring and summer backpacks to participate in the exhibition. The classic styles also resonate with many old customers, the dozens of new spring and summer backpacks that first appeared in the exhibition are also loved and popular by customers from all walks of life due to their fashionable styles, diverse functions and practicality. Xilong bags have been exhibited for 15 consecutive years, and the twice-yearly Xiamen Gift Show has become a compulsory course! Next, let's review the wonderful moments of the exhibition together. Quality comes from concentration. In the past 15 years, Xilong has focused on customizing various gift bags. With its excellent product quality, it has won a place in the fierce market competition and is honored to be highly praised by customers from all walks of life. This is not only an inspiration for Xilong bags, but also a driving force for future development. In the future, we will, as always, take the interests of customers as the starting point, pay attention to the design innovation and quality control of backpacks, and strive to make customized designs according to the use environment and enterprise characteristics of backpacks, create a personalized backpack to meet customer needs!
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