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The 2019 Xiamen autumn gift show ended successfully. More wonderful moments invite you to review it

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
October 23, 2019, 27th th China (Xiamen) The International Home furnishing gift exhibition came to a successful end, and Xilong also completed its 15th-year exhibition with laughter. Unconsciously, Xilong bags have been with the Xiamen Gift Show for 15 years. After 15 years of development, Xilong bags have not forgotten their original heart and moved forward, constantly explore new processes and new materials in research and development and manufacturing, and advocate the life concept of low energy consumption, high quality and green environmental protection. In this exhibition, Xilong bags have created several green environmental protection backpacks, which are made of green RPET Coke bottle recycled environmental protection materials, and the fabric can be recycled, it can save energy, oil consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The application of this fabric is of great significance to the sustainable development of green, the reduction of pollution from plastic products and the protection of the Earth, the green backpack has also been loved and favored by many customers, and the concept of green environmental protection has also been supported by most customers. Next, let's review the wonderful moments of the exhibition together. Although the lively autumn gift show is over, the Xilong bag 2019 autumn and winter New backpack has accepted the order reservation, welcome new and old friends to scan the QR code below to add WeChat to receive the autumn and winter product PPT for details, if you still have any questions you don't understand, you can also call Xilong luggage toll-free hotline 4000061690 for consultation and we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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