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The 2016 Xiamen Gift Show opens today to show you the atmosphere

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
October 20, 2016, 24th th China (Xiamen) The International gift and household goods exhibition was officially opened in Xiamen convention and exhibition center, and a 4-day gift feast was ceremoniously staged! As the first domestic furniture gift exhibition, Xiamen Gift Exhibition is a must-see purchasing event! Xilong luggage is a frequent visitor to Xiamen Gift Show. It attends this gift feast almost every year, and this year is no exception. Xiamen had a violent storm yesterday, and it was rumored that there was a typhoon visit, but fortunately today it was calm and did not affect the enthusiasm of the buyers. Below, take you to feel the atmosphere of the exhibition! In order to better display their products and strength at the exhibition, Xilong bags have been prepared for three months and designed and developed a number of fashionable, creative and practical new bags. These fashionable and creative bags have become the eye-catching tools at the exhibition, which explains the business philosophy of Xilong bags closely adhering to the fashion trend. It has become a leading luggage customization manufacturer in China. Xilong luggage is committed to becoming a leading brand in luggage customization. It has numerous successful cases of serving the world's top 500 enterprises and is well-known in the luggage market at home and abroad. During the Xiamen Gift Show, Xilong bags will present a very creative bag feast for the majority of buyers at booths 1Q18 and 1Q20, looking forward to your visit!
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