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The 2016 Xiamen autumn gift show will open next week, and Xilong luggage will be exhibited over the years

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
October 20-23, 2016, 24th th China (Xiamen) The International gift and household goods exhibition will be opened in Xiamen convention and exhibition center. As the most professional, largest and most popular gift industry's top event in China, Xiamen Gift Show is destined to be a high-profile fashion feast, which will definitely ignite creative vitality and must not be missed! Xilong luggage focuses on personalized luggage customization for 12 years and is committed to building a leading brand of luggage customization! Xilong luggage is a frequent visitor to Xiamen Gift Show. It has been exhibiting for many years. The twice-yearly Xiamen Gift Show has become a compulsory course! Today, Xiao Bian collected a lot of precious photos to show you the spectacular exhibition of Xilong luggage over the years. 2011 Xiamen Gift Show 2011, not yet'Interconnection' The concept of, most luggage factories do not understand e-commerce, to participate in the exhibition is the most important channel for us to get customers. 2012 Xiamen Gift Show on 2012, the exhibition of Xilong bags and suitcases is very traditional in both shape and style, and personalized customization is not the mainstream. 2013 Xiamen Gift Show on 2013, we began to focus on'Light Business ·Light Fashion' Style, simple but not simple design, has gradually become a trend in the luggage market. 2014 Xiamen Gift Show on 2014, there are fewer and fewer customers placing orders directly at the exhibition site, and the competition in the luggage manufacturing industry is becoming more and more fierce, but we still attach great importance to every exhibition. 2015 Xiamen Gift Show in 2015, personalized luggage customization has become a popular trend. Xilong luggage advocates fashionable and creative luggage design concepts and is highly praised by the majority of buyers! A few years have passed, and now the 2016 Xiamen autumn gift show is coming again! During the Xiamen Gift Show, Xilong luggage will gather fashionable and novel luggage items and present a unique luggage fashion ceremony for the majority of buyers at booths 1Q18 and 1Q20. Welcome to visit!
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