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That\'s thrifty! Terry Willesee\'s gold-toothed rapper son Jesse Sunset recycles a Louis Vuitton shopping bag to carry his groceries and the luxury \'hack\' goes viral ...after using his bikini-clad wife as a cannabis bench

by:Xilong      2019-09-28
As many supermarkets encourage consumers to reduce plastic, some shoppers become very creative.
In addition to rapper Jesse sunset, he found a new way to save the environment --
Carry his groceries with an old Louis Vuitton shopping bag. The 30-year-old re-
He designed this designer paper bag that used to hold expensive leather products in a local supermarket in Hollywood, California, and played a video of ordinary household chores on Instagram.
Several popular Instagram accounts including VFiles, LouisVuittonClub, thiisscala, and many others share this interesting clip, with luxury hackers taking up thousands of views
In the viral video, Jessie is known for his quirky YouTube hits, such as surfing and foster care with knives in my Starbucks, loading iconic shopping handbags with breadsticks and some cooked food products. The Australian-
American double citizens wearing neon pink Gucci shorts and white vests look relaxed.
The shopping trip was made after the blonde beauty made a \"weed trip\" with his wife Ashley.
In a photo shared with instagramon last month, gold-
Teeth rapper holds marijuana when bikini
Ashley, 22, poses in front of him.
\"She\'s my own personal weed tray,\" Jessie wrote in the caption of the photo . \".
Jesse lived in California for a few years, and in January 1, 2018, the recreational use of marijuana was legalized.
On December, Jesse announced that he and Ashley had married at the age of 24.
An hour wedding church in Las Vegas.
Jesse is the son of Australian journalist Terry Willis.
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