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terror trial: officers say they found bomb ingredients in shopping bag

by:Xilong      2019-10-09
National security investigators say they found instructions in Sabrine Djermane\'s apartment detailing how to make a homemade bomb.
On Monday, in the bedroom of El Mahdi Jamali\'s home, the court explained that they found some materials needed to assemble the equipment: a box of hardware nails, two or nine-
Volt battery, four AA batteries, a tube of super glue and a roll of tape.
The items were found in a white Armani Express shopping custom backpacks stored in the bottom corner of the Jamali wardrobe.
The attached material is a receipt dated February.
2015, showing that they were purchased at the same time as other unfound items: four boxes of wooden matches, a mesh filter, a coffee filter and a clock.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigator Aldrin Jules testified on Monday that handwritten notes detailing the general law of gas were also found in white bags.
20-year-old Jamali and 21-year-old Sabrine Djermane are on trial for terrorism
Court charges in Montreal
The couple faced four charges concerning the terrorist group ISIL, which they allegedly tried to leave Canada to join Syria, and the alleged attempt to make a bomb in Canada to commit terrorist acts.
They were arrested in 2015 and have been detained since then.
Jules testified that other items found in Jamari\'s room included a newspaper cut on Pro\'s newspaper
The ISIL group on his desk, the Internet caliphate \".
In a bin by his bed, there was a newspaper article about the cyber attack on the French television network TV5Monde, as well as an advertisement for a conference called \"Escape to Allah\" in Montreal.
The jury has heard how investigators found a blue folder in Jeman\'s apartment with a document labeled \"How to Make a Bomb.
At the beginning of the trial, the jury was told that the handwritten instruction was a \"word-for-
Word \"Copy of terrorist organization al\"
Previously, al-Qaida published an article in a propaganda magazine.
Investigators also found a suitcase with women\'s clothing in Jeman\'s apartment with a price tag and a receipt for a Canadian passport, it shows that the couple purchased a new Canadian passport in April 2015.
On Monday, in court, Jamali and Djermane sat side by side, handcuffed, behind the glass, listening carefully to the investigators explaining in detail the photos of each room of their respective families.
Defense lawyers repeatedly asked RCMP investigators if they were there to look for potential evidence that the couple was trying to leave the country, why they felt that the items recorded in the Dollarama bag were going to Syria.
The RCMP and its integrated national security law enforcement team investigator, Rodney Pierre, explained that with the start of the raid on the Jamali family, officials were informed of the bomb directive and found the atd
Investigators are then told to keep an eye on anything that can be used to create stress
Similar to the cooker bomb used in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, three people were killed and hundreds injured.
At the end of Monday, the jury was briefly presented with a photo showing an unused pressure cooker found by investigators in a closet in one of the three families.
The trial at the Montreal court continued on Tuesday.
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