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teenage mother leaves note asking griffith family to ‘please take care of baby’

by:Xilong      2019-08-13
Griffith, who found a baby at his doorstep, did not know why he was chosen to take care of the child.
Perhaps it was a street light in front of his house, said Rodel Akuna.
Maybe when other people are sleeping on the street, the lights are still on.
Mr. Akuna often stays up late to watch TV.
The doorbell rang at 11.
At 30 on Sunday night, he thought it might be a friend who stopped by on his way home.
Mr. Akuna said that he stood up and looked out of the window, and there was nothing on the balcony.
He then moved to the other side of the long and wide window and looked out from the other side.
\"I saw the top of a fabric shopping bag,\" Mr Acuna said . \".
\"I think maybe my friend left me some fruit.
\"When he opened the door, he noticed a piece of cloth on the top of the custom backpacks.
Look closely, it looks like a doll.
Then the doll began to cry.
\"I am surprised that this is a chubby little baby,\" said Mr Akuna . \".
\"I called my wife, and then I realized that the child was crying because of mosquitoes.
\"Mr. Akuna told his wife that he went to call the police when he drove masos away.
\"In the Philippines, we will take the baby in and take care of it,\" he said . \".
\"My wife suggested taking it to the hospital, but I didn\'t want them to think it was wrong, and then we had trouble.
Two police cars carrying three policemen.
Two young male officials looked around and the female officer who appeared to be in charge checked the custom backpacks.
She took out a note in her bag that said, \"Please take care of my baby, I\'m 14 years old --years-
If my parents knew they would kill me \".
There was also a baby bottle in the bag and something to take care of him.
The police called the hospital and two ambulances, large and small, arrived soon.
They sent the child to Griffith Base Hospital where he was taken care.
The child is estimated to be in good health for about three days.
Family and Community Services (FACS)
Custody of three childrenday-
When the police called on the mother to stand up, he was an old boy.
Akuna said it was very surprising.
When asked if he thought the baby would be left at home if there was a \"safe haven\" plan, he said no.
Why does a stranger leave her child to him when he can go to the doctor?
Police Chief Michael Rowan called on the mother to come forward on Monday afternoon and stressed that she was not in any trouble and that they just wanted to make sure she was OK.
\"There must be a reason for this, and we want to help her or her family and get to the bottom,\" said Superintendent Rowan . \".
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