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Teach you to quickly distinguish the grade of luggage online

by:Xilong      2020-04-12
Luggage is a daily necessities, but many friends don't know how to distinguish between a bag and a bag, or a physical object can be identified. If we look for luggage manufacturers on the Internet, how can we identify the grade of a luggage? Teach you to quickly distinguish the grade of luggage on the Internet? 1. Appearance of luggage. The appearance of luggage is distinguished from materials. Bad materials have no strength and no shape. The so-called shape refers to the unique appearance characteristics and curve shape of each style. We can learn from the arc and sharp corners of luggage, flap, symmetrical parts and three-dimensional parts are distinguished in shape. Even if these details are corrected in the photo, they will be more or less visible. Good materials will look crisp and stylish. 2. Luggage lining. The lining is inside the bag. Often low-grade luggage lining is rough, easy to tear, degumming, sewing and other situations. The lining of a good bag is made of good materials. There are no particles on the surface. The wrinkles look soft and comfortable. The lining and the joint part of the bag are very fashionable, without too many folds and piles. 3. Hardware and zipper. Hardware is an important criterion for judgment. Generally, the hardware of good goods is bright and thick, without burrs, especially zippers. The zipper of good manufacturers feels smooth and smooth, and the lubrication is still a little strong. Generally, the bags of good manufacturers use imported glue, with less volatile acidic substances, and the hardware will not change color quickly. Genuine general hardware 1-There is no obvious sign of fading for 2 years. Xilong luggage manufacturers should remind everyone that we also need to observe the coordination between these parts of the luggage and the whole luggage. The better the overall feeling, the better the version. A good manufacturer's luggage, you take all the weighing paper inside the luggage, empty carry in your hand should also be very full, very stylish, bad quality luggage will feel unable to stand up.
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