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tall talk of the town

by:Xilong      2019-09-03
For some, it is an inspiration blend of arches and pillars, a new office building in the County of ferfax, crowned the glorious past of Virginia and celebrating its future.
For others, it looks like a brick shopping custom backpacks with handles.
\"It\'s very spectacular,\" says Martha V . \"Pennino (D-Centreville)
Vice chairman of the board of supervisors at ferfax county, \"I think this sets an excellent tone for the development of the Tysons Corner.
\"People will disagree about the beauty of the building or not,\" said Howard Ball, a longtime McLean resident and citizen activist.
\"I think it\'s ugly considering everything.
\"The building in question is a 17-
Story monuments of limestone and pink bricks, looming above car dealers and department stores, travel agencies and pizza restaurants.
This is the first of three identical towers designed by architects Philip Johnson and John Berger, and plans to be part of the JTL Taikang Tower complex built by developer James T.
Lewis is located at the intersection of the capital Bypass Road and Rte. 7.
But even in the early stages of the Tycon Towers project, of the $0. 25 billion to $0. 3 billion project, only one skyscraper was completed, and Tysons skyline would change forever, the same is true of the emerging metropolis 10 miles southwest of Washington.
180 President Anne Morton
Members of the MacLean Business and Professional Association are enthusiastic about the new building, known as JTL Tycon Towers I.
\"It will attract business and industry to our wonderful town,\" she said . \".
\"The more offices that come in, the more offices available, the more office supplies I will sell,\" she added . \".
Morton has two supply stores in the county office of ferfax at Lanley high school and is responsible for activities such as the Ministry of Commerce and Education.
\"I know it was designed by a well-known construction company, but I think the building is basically a strange design,\" said Paul, a McLean resident. \"It\'s boxy. It\'s fake.
It has these dysfunctional pillars that extend from the bottom to the top.
It is themed on McDonald\'s arch, but not exactly.
Aesthetically speaking, I don\'t understand.
\"I like the Earth better.
\"Embrace the structure,\" said Nancy Falk, director of ferfax. R-Dranesville).
Finino, the supervisor, said she was thrilled that ferfax had finally acquired some complex buildings.
\"As before, if someone came to visit me from Europe, where would I take them to show some architectural beauty?
We don\'t.
\"I once said that our mentality is shoe-box-style ---
\"It\'s either a horizontal shoe box or a vertical shoe box,\" she added . \".
\"Today, we see the beautiful structure of architecture.
From the outside, even our prisons are pleasant in architecture.
\"To put it bluntly, I like it,\" said James C . \"
McKeever, director of the Arts Council of ferfax county, president of Metropolitan Licensing Services
A consulting company that works with architects and engineers.
\"I think this brick is very Virginia, and I think it is very in line with the spirit of a very solid and economically strong attitude and position in Northern Virginia, especially in the County of ferfax,\" he said.
JTL Tycon Towers I: This is the kid of developer Jim Lewis and he is proud of it.
He, along with Philip Johnson, hired the New York office of architecture at John Berger Architects as they were put on the top building office roster in Fortune magazine.
Lewis, who is also developing a $1 billion PortAmerica project in Prince George County, is familiar with other designs of the company, including the AT&T headquarters in New York, central bank of the Republic of Houston and penenzor Square, Pittsburgh\'s PPG square.
He also knew he had a strategic base. -
The mountain is high, overlooking the intersection of the highway.
\"I\'m starting to think that with such a very good website, I\'ll do what I can to complete its architecture because so many people see it every day,\" said Louis, he is the director of the Arts Committee of the ferfax County.
Lewis said he was thrilled that the first building was completed.
The building spoke to him. It moves him.
\"It said to me that here you have a great architect who built a better building and adapted very well to the environment in the County of ferfax.
Burgee worked with Johnson to design the building and he was equally happy with how my JTL Tycon tower looked like.
\"We want to avoid the glass box and we want to connect it to the traditional elements of the surrounding area ---
Arched top and free
\"He said.
If a skyscraper is good, he says, then the synergy between the two skyscrapers will be better.
\"When the third one is finished ---then, boy!
This will be a symbol of Tysons point.
Lewis said: \"The groundbreaking of the second building depends on the speed at which the first building is leased.
The first tenant moved into Tycon tower I in last December and so far 40% of the available office space in the building has been claimed by lawyers, real estate developers, communications groups and consultants willing to pay the above-
Market price of $24. 50 to $28.
Kenneth Byrne, the rental agent, said it costs £ 50 per square foot.
According to the county assessment office, the building will bring $792,000 in taxes to the county each year.
So the promotion is still going on and the brochure is similar to the $100 menua-
The plate restaurant is full of smooth pages as thick as postcards.
It claims that JTL Tycon Towers \"are available for discerning tenants who understand the value of excellence.
\"Thomas Jefferson will approve it,\" it said . \".
According to a developer representative who declined to be named, the building is \"premium\" designed to attract \"high profile\" tenants who want to be in the \"signature building\"-
A building of its own identity, a building that leaves its mark on land, almost like a work of art, a statue.
The lobby walls are covered in golden oak imported from West Germany.
High floor --gloss marble --
A black man from Spain, Maquina, and Staturao from Italy.
On the first floor, she said, there will be a \"high-end cafe\" and a \"high-end grocery shop \".
\"This is a building with no door handle, only leverage --
The door handle.
\"They are a statement,\" the representative explained . \".
\"It\'s like, why are you wearing a belt instead of a vinyl belt?
Burgee said: \"Now that the building is finished, he thinks it\'s interesting ---playful --
Put the bust image of Thomas Jefferson in a lobby niche, and put the bust image of developer Lewis in another lobby niche.
Most people, however, do not notice an internal appointment;
I will see what they think of the JTL Tycon tower from the detour.
The building is smaller than originally proposed.
But it is still so big, 722 feet high, and even from other roads and communities, one can catch a glimpse of its pink brick, rising from a tree.
\"It does dominate the sky,\" said Peter Ancona, former planning and zoning chairman of the McLean Civic Association . \".
\"I can\'t imagine what the second one will do.
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