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Talking about the adhesive process in luggage manufacturing

by:Xilong      2020-04-21
The gluing process is a process in which the fabric is bonded with the box or lining material by adhesive in the manufacturing of luggage. The gluing process has two gluing methods: three-dimensional parts and flat parts. Then, let's learn about the adhesive process of luggage manufacturing. According to the technological requirements of luggage products, the adhesive method of gluing can be divided into two types: Shaping after gluing the surface layer and shaping after gluing the surface layer. The adhesive method of three-dimensional parts is the way of binding the surface layer after molding, however, the adhesive of plane parts belongs to the way of shaping after bonding the surface layer. There are four methods in the bonding of three-dimensional parts, which are respectively the bonding of fat-shaped three-dimensional parts, the bonding of square-shaped three-dimensional parts, the bonding of semicircular three-dimensional parts and the bonding of three-dimensional elastic surfaces. However, the adhesive methods of plane parts include the adhesive of leather materials, the adhesive of fiber fabric, the adhesive of artificial leather, the adhesive of elastic plane body, the coring of parts and the adhesive of pinching corners. The adhesive process is to determine the beauty of the appearance of luggage products, and plays a crucial role in the customization of luggage. Then, the choice of custom bags, you need to deeply understand the level of luggage manufacturers personnel operation and whether the factory facilities are perfect. Here, Xiao Bian recommends to you a manufacturer with more than ten years of business experience, Xilong bags, Xilong has a well-equipped factory, a professional R & D and design team, and a skilled operator.
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