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Talk about why the luggage market tends to mature?

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
Brand era comes. With the changes of the times and the continuous improvement of living standards, people's consumption psychology has also changed. Now it is no longer the cost of enterprise investment. It is an era when luggage products can be sold for profit. Maybe it is still in an era of advertising effect, but it won't be long before advertising can no longer lead this market. With the increasingly mature consumer psychology, people began to pursue the brand, and constantly began to be loyal to their own exclusive brand, a brand era began to come. Perhaps in the future development, it is not that a star only uses a certain brand, but that everyone uses a certain brand of their own. The word brand appears more and more in the consumer market, and more and more enterprises have begun to embark on the road of building and stabilizing brands. The future development of the luggage market is the development of a brand era. Product categories and sales channels change luggage is no longer an item that appears as a daily tool, just as clothing is no longer used to cover the body and prevent cold. They have entered a palace of fashion together and become the embodiment of fashion and beauty. Luggage products are becoming more and more diversified, and the update cycle of styles is getting shorter and shorter. Consumers consider a variety of factors when choosing bags. They need to cooperate with the occasions they want to attend, the clothes they want to match, the affairs they want to handle, and so on. Therefore, luggage enterprises have also begun to produce bags of different styles and uses. Innovation will be an indispensable technical content in a wide variety of luggage products in the future. Nowadays, the sales channels of bags and suitcases have begun to get rid of the connection of the past production, wholesale and sales of three different factories and enterprises. Start a cooperative agency or a mode integrating production, processing and sales. Moreover, many enterprises have gradually begun to realize that the concept of large, complete and extensive product development will lose the market, and the production of luggage types with accurate market positioning and clear specialization can meet the consumption needs of specific occasions, truly reflect the core value of luggage. And now luggage enterprises have begun to adopt two channels: market entities and online stores, and to formulate overall and effective marketing strategies from the aspects of advertising, promotion, public relations, bonus and so on, and from the product market positioning and different life stages, determine the focus of marketing. In order to achieve the diversification of sales channels and the continuous maturity of profit models. The operation behavior breaks through, and the dealers turn from the past wholesale operation to the integration of production and operation or directly join in as an agent, extending to the beginning of brand operation. Today's market competition is no longer a regional competition or a low price competition, it is a dispute of consciousness, management, talent, service, information and market share. Therefore, it requires operators to pay more and more attention to the market, pay attention to information at any time, and cultivate a business philosophy that is conducive to their own development. Get rid of the vicious competition between business operations, develop complementary advantages among enterprises, share resources, compete in cooperation, cooperate in competition, and finally achieve a win-win situation!
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