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taking cues from tried and true marketing strategies

by:Xilong      2019-09-21
When you go shopping at the grocery store, how often do you look around?
For example, I\'m sure you\'ll notice how much you \'ve spent, and you might bring a list with you if you\'re ready.
Better yet, some of you who happen to be tech savvy put a list of items on your phone.
For those who still live in the dark, we prefer pens and paper.
How often do you track a list to an item?
I think for most of you who happen to have never read this.
You notice what the music is playing in the background, usually the rhythm is slow, the store floor is in good light.
Have you noticed that you almost always go into the product section first, where you are almost bright in color and good-
Organized fruit display?
Why do you think this is?
Since I was a child, I \'ve been wondering why fruits and vegetables appear in the grocery store first. my idea is, maybe a healthier option would make people feel better about all the other unhealthy garbage they will be filling up with oversized carts (
By the way, this is obviously getting bigger too).
Or even better, maybe the grocery store cares about their customers and wants to remind them that they should pay more attention to their health.
When I was a child, I remember eating a few peanuts, or a grape or two that my parents gave me, and no one ever told me I was stealing (
Although technically I am).
It may be life-threatening for some of you, but the truth is that from the moment you enter the door, you are manipulated by the local grocery store owner.
About buying, the fruits and vegetables you pat on your back are just tools that make you feel better, which in turn will cost you more money.
To be honest, considering that the average American person throws away 20 pounds of the food each month, you don\'t eat all the food before it goes bad.
To make matters worse, I found out that everyone was dealing with all the fruits at the grocery store, that people touched all the fruits, and that the fog they sprayed on the vegetables was just to show up.
If you can believe it, it will actually make them rot faster.
What else did I find? Oh, the bread.
The bread they baked was always in a paper bag and the next day was as hard as a stone.
It\'s almost as if they\'re betting it\'s going to get old.
How could they be so cruel?
People need to buy groceries.
I bet they\'re lighting up their fine Cuban cigar with a $100 billsized yachts.
They should be ashamed of themselves manipulating customers like this!
The second idea is, maybe they\'re not doing well?
The annual net profit of most grocery stores is only 1. 5%.
It\'s not a big profit when you start thinking.
Perhaps grocery stores, like any other business that wants to continue running, need to have a process to increase the convenience of doing business and in turn maximize revenue.
Now that we have determined that grocery stores are not inherently evil, what lessons can we learn from them related to Internet marketing?
When comparing the Internet to a grocery store, there are many similarities.
First, digital consumers are promoted and manipulated from the moment they are online, or back to those who are tech savvy, usually through their smartphones.
Given the time people spend on smartphones, the chances of selling to your audience seem limitless, and it makes sense to have a process to maximize your revenue potential.
Tech savvy may not be the right term to describe millions of adults in the United States who only surf the Internet via their smartphones.
Although there are more than 78% people
On multiple equipment platforms and consumer media, some people living below the poverty line do not have such luxury goods.
I have a hard time finding the term, but recently someone has created a term to describe this group of very poor people who pay for the current technology (
And often spend a large part of their income in this area).
While many of you certainly do not agree that people living in poverty spend money on smartphones, in many cases such devices have become necessary to replace landlines and thus become emergency services
I\'m a little off the subject!
Back to my metaphor: like grocery stores, Web marketing requires you to put them in the store through seo.
Then, once you have traffic, you will need to convert these leads into paid customers.
The idea seems simple enough, but you need an effective and repeatable process to get it done at any chance of continuous success.
Just like how the store figured out how to put fruit and vegetables in the store first, you need to find a system that you can refine and repeat to do that.
I welcome any and all comments and thank those who are with me!
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