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Surveillance store: Amazon’s 100 plus cameras watch you while you shop

by:Xilong      2019-08-16
Excessive monitoring is reasonable as it avoids long queues and makes it easy to put items directly into shopping bags and get out of the house.
Amazon Go 1800-square-foot (167-square-meter)
Stores in Seattle on Monday
Customers who Go to Amazon Go must first download the app and provide credit card details, and a credit card fee will be charged after the purchase is completed.
In order to enter the store, the app must be scanned on a gated revolving door similar to a subway station.
There are dozens of cameras in this store, about 2 in size. 5-
According to Ars Technica, the inch drive on the computer comes with tiny LED lights. The much-
The opening of the hyped Amazon Go apparently prompted some to see if they could trick all the technologies Amazon saw and successfully steal from the store.
A reporter from The New York Times said that although Amazon secretly tried to steal goods, it still charged him a fee.
However, a CNBC reporter noted that the store did not charge her for the yogurt she bought when she was shopping on Monday.
Read more: Amazon\'s Alexa \"take a look\" & trigger German police raidAmazon says it\'s on their online shopping cart whenever a customer takes an item from the shelf
If the customer puts it back on the shelf, it is removed from the virtual basket.
Customers can put items directly into shopping bags and go out after they finish.
Amazon will then charge their card and issue a receipt.
Of course, like all technologies, the system is also a target for a possible attack by a hacker.
As far as Amazon is concerned, it does not disclose the specific way it operates.
After a series of initial problems, the futuristic store opened.
It is reported that Amazon\'s initial plan to open a Seattle store in early 2017 was delayed as the technology encountered difficulties during the busy testing phase of the store.
It is unable to deal with more than 20 shoppers, according to The Wall Street Journal.
According to Reuters, the technology has also encountered difficulties in identifying similar-sized shoppers, and problems arise when children walk into the store and move items from shelves to shelves.
Amazon never admitted that the delay was caused by technical problems.
Amazon responded to their allegations of replacing work with automation, saying it was an opportunity to place employees elsewhere.
\"We \'ve just put employees on different types of tasks and we think that adds to the customer experience,\" said Gianna Puerini, vice president of Amazon Go . \".
However, according to Recode, the e-commerce giant has staff behind the scenes on standby to help when the system is difficult to make a decision.
It also employs employees to store shelves and check identity cards in the store\'s wine and beer area.
Amazon, which also owns a grocery chain, says it has no plans to introduce the technology in any other environment.
However, there is already speculation that if the automated grocery store proves successful, it may sell the system to other retailers in the future.
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