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Summer is coming, how should bags and leather goods be maintained and cared?

by:Xilong      2020-04-21
Near early summer, under the sun'Exposure' Winter clothes, quilts and cotton shoes gushed out together, especially in Guangdong, just after the arrival of early summer. 'Back to Nantian' Everyone is busy sorting out and washing clothes for a long time in early summer, and bags and leather goods at this time should also be taken out for maintenance, but not in the sun. 'Sunshine Bath' , You will have to follow the small editor to learn. Bags and leather goods will become shabby and overshadowed under the hammer of time. At this time, we should pay attention to the corresponding precautions: 1. Use detergent carefully. Dust or stains will inevitably appear when the luggage and leather goods are used for a long time, and they are generally kept at 1- 2 times of care, not long-term cleaning to keep the surface smooth and beautiful. For stains, you need to use a special leather cleaner to dispose of the stain, or you can choose to go to a professional leather care office and your own luggage manufacturer for professional care to protect the leather. 2, can not use shoe polish care bags. This is because shoe polish has volatile components, which is very unsuitable for soft leather products such as backpacks and luggage cases. If the volatile components in shoe polish penetrate into the leather, it will destroy the grease of the luggage itself, thus reducing the gloss of the luggage surface and prone to cracks, decolorization and other phenomena. 3. Many consumers like to store unused bags in cabinets and put them into mothballs. It is generally said that there will be no mildew. In fact, this is also a big mistake in the care of luggage and leather products. Mothballs contain volatile components, which will damage leather after long-term use. At ordinary times, you only need to pay attention to the good ventilation and low temperature of the cabinet placed in the bag and leather products; When storing bags and leather products again, be sure to wrap them in cotton dust-proof bags. It is better to insert some waste paper that can absorb moisture into the bags. Summer time is very long, and often sweat, so in the summer to pay more attention to often wipe the sweat on the luggage, especially the handbag. Because the luggage is a soft leather product, if the luggage is eroded by sweat for a long time, it will be hardened and deformed. Therefore, men and women should always wipe the sweat stains of bags and bags in summer, and try not to let them be absorbed by bags and destroy the cortex.
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