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Summer camp backpack custom style recommendation

by:Xilong      2020-03-04
In late May, the summer vacation began to count down, and relevant enterprises engaged in summer summer camp activities also started a war of student snatching. Facing the fierce market competition, major enterprises also tried every means to attract consumers, among them, many enterprises customize summer camp exclusive backpacks to applicants. This preferential form can attract consumers and improve their advertising effect to a certain extent, why don't companies do it. Today, Xilong luggage manufacturers recommend several backpack styles suitable for summer camp, hoping to bring help to everyone. Let's take a look. There are many styles of backpacks suitable for summer camps, but most of the summer camps are practical experiential activities. When customizing backpacks, the customizer should fully consider the use environment and applicable people, then choose the right style for exclusive customization. 1. If the user is a primary school student, because the age is relatively small and the height is not very high, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of backpack style when customizing the summer camp backpack, try to be light, durable and childlike, so as to meet the children's preferences. The main material of this summer camp chest is made of nylon stream water and PU. The summer camp chest bag highlights the summer camp atmosphere with sunny sky blue, and the front can be printed with relevant brand LOGO, the main bag with double pull head design can be classified to store more items, while the designed nylon strap can adjust the length according to the height, and the overall volume of the chest bag is not large, however, commonly used items can be loaded, so the bag is more suitable for younger primary school students, so it is very good to use it for primary school students participating in summer camp activities. 2. If the user is a middle school student, the height and carrying ability are better. Therefore, the customized backpack can be larger, but the items needed to participate in the summer camp are a little bit more, therefore, the capacity of the backpack is relatively large, so that all the luggage can be loaded without taking the suitcase. This casual backpack is made of jacquard nylon as the main material, light, wear-resistant and waterproof, with large capacity and partition design. It also keeps the articles in order while having large capacity. The overall design is sports and leisure, giving people light and vitality, relaxed and comfortable, comfortable travel, the front of the backpack can be printed with the corresponding brand LOGO to expand the brand promotion effect. The above is a brief introduction to the customization of summer camp backpacks. If you still want to know more customized styles, please consult online. It is worth noting that backpacks are common but not ordinary. A fashionable and creative backpack can make you the focus of the crowd. The customized backpack in summer camp can be printed with corporate LOGO or slogan, making the backpack a mobile advertisement that can walk, and it can be carried wherever the advertisement is carried, which has unexpected advertising effect. At the same time, the backpack has a long service life and can promote the Enterprise for a long time. If you don't like the effect of such advertisements, please consult us.
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