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Suitcase board chassis release a one-way and caster have what difference?

by:Xilong      2020-04-19
The biggest purpose of the wheel of the boarding box is to drag the box to reduce the stress of the boarding box and make people travel more easily and comfortably. However, the wheels of the boarding box we use every day have one-way wheels, universal wheels and other styles. What are the differences between the boarding box one-way wheels and universal wheels? When the universal wheel of the boarding box is used on a relatively flat ground, it is relatively easy and convenient. It has a 360-degree all-round rotation function and can pass sideways through a relatively flat and narrow passage, however, the wheels are easy to be knocked off when the universal wheel is consigned, because all the wheels are outward mounted, and the universal wheel is expensive, and the universal wheel is not easy to drag on uneven roads. Compared with the universal wheel, the one-way wheel is more suitable for various road conditions. Its wheels are larger and stronger, and its stability and stress capacity are better. For example, in rugged mountain roads or mud roads, the one-way wheel is selected, it is relatively easy to pull up the boarding box. Therefore, the one-way wheel is more suitable for long-distance travel and outdoor activities, and the one-way wheel is more durable and cheaper than the universal wheel. The main difference between the one-way wheel and the universal wheel of the boarding box lies in the road conditions used and the price of the manufacturing. The choice should be based on its own nature. If it is mainly used in the airport or station, if conditions permit, it is recommended to use a universal wheel, which is easier. If there are more opinions about boarding the box, you can contact Xilong luggage customer service directly.
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