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Student bag personalized customization, listen to what the manufacturer says

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
Personalized customization of students' schoolbags is a very popular way of customizing schoolbags in recent years. Many educational institutions or schools will uniformly customize exclusive schoolbags for students in order to create relevant brands. There are many matters needing attention in the personalized customization of students' schoolbags. So, what are the matters needing attention? Let's listen to what Xilong luggage manufacturers say. 1. The exclusive design of schoolbag style is very important. Whether it is an educational institution or a school, if you want to build your own brand, the customized schoolbag style must have its own brand characteristics, this requires the exclusive design and customization of the bag style, customize a unique bag, don't just choose a bag style from the market and print the logo on it, such a non-characteristic schoolbag cannot achieve a good publicity effect. Personalized bag customization, bag style exclusive design is very important. 2, material selection is very important, student bag personality customization, material selection is also a very important factor, material selection is good, customized bag quality is guaranteed, in addition, A more important point is that the materials chosen for customizing schoolbags must be environmentally friendly and healthy, so that the schoolbags produced are environmentally friendly and healthy and will not affect the health of users. 3. There are regulations on the number of customized schoolbags. The topic on the number of customized schoolbags is mainly stipulated by the manufacturer. The customization of schoolbags is a whole assembly line. If the customer's customization is not much, the single production cost of the manufacturer will be greatly increased. Therefore, in order to save the production cost, many manufacturers have regulations on the minimum order quantity of schoolbags. If the relevant minimum order quantity is not reached, most manufacturers will reduce the trouble, will choose not to accept the order, so, for the order quantity this problem, the bag customization customer should inquire clearly in advance, in order to choose the right manufacturer. There are many things to pay attention to when customizing students' schoolbags. If you still have anything you don't know, you can consult Xilong luggage manufacturers online at any time. The student's schoolbags are customized in batches, and the Xilong luggage manufacturer is worth choosing. Xilong luggage has many years of experience in bag customization and provides bag customization services for various schools and gift institutions all the year round, all the schoolbag products produced conform to QB/T1333- 2018 standard, visible strength, service, trustworthy.
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