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Spring Festival travel forget trolley password do?

by:Xilong      2020-03-29
The 2014 Lunar New Year is coming soon, and the wandering people are anxious to return. All the members of Xilong luggage here also wish everyone good luck in the year of the horse, take the lead and succeed! When we pulled the suitcase full of clothes and set foot on the road back to our hometown with a happy mood. Have you ever encountered such embarrassing things as forgetting the suitcase password? I believe that careless students have met. In fact, it is not difficult to crack the suitcase password. There is always one way you can use. 1. Some password locks have a small dot, which can be pressed inward with a tool such as a pen. The function is similar to the reset key on the MP3. you can adjust the new password while holding it, the password takes effect after release 2. Hand in the locksmith, a professional, and get it done in minutes; There is a method called exhaustive method for proof questions. Try it slowly from 000 to 999. As the saying goes,' As long as Kung Fu deep iron pestle can be ground down to a needle','The stone is the best'; 4. Press the unlocking button tightly, and slowly turn one of the code wheel, and stop when the roller vibrates a little abnormally, and the other two will be handled in the same way; 5. Isn't there a seam next to the combination lock turntable? You can see it with a flashlight ( Some are very dense and ugly, but you can still see them clearly) After seeing it, you will find a white thing. It will also move when you turn the code lock turntable. When you see the concave part, you will stop, and the other two will also operate in this way. At this time, you will get a set of data, and add 5 (Generally, it is plus 5, some are not. It doesn't matter, because the relationship between the three passwords has been settled, just add an equal number at the same time, such as 1. 2. 3. 4. . . )You can get the password you forgot.
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