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spiderman distracts dr. octopus with delicious hostess fruit pies

by:Xilong      2019-08-09
A major jewelry robbery is lip
On Monday, Dr. , the famous crime overlord.
Due to the irresistible taste of Spider-Man and hostess fruit pie, the octopus was brought to justice.
It is reported that when Spider-Man appeared on the scene and distracted the potential, the octopus and two unidentified followers were stealing fabulous Wentworth jewelry from the New York museum.
As a thief, the shopping custom backpacks is filled with all kinds of hostess fruit pies and can access the Internet.
To catch them.
\"How can I resist this flaky shell . . . . . . This juicy filling?
The octopus happily ate the cherry pie and said the police pulled it away with a giant spider web.
Spider-Man warns that any criminal who eats the hostess pie will get great joy in every bite of food.
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