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spend nothing, but look like a million

by:Xilong      2019-10-10
When they came in from the front door, the ladies were carrying cartons, luggage bags and garbage bags full of old clothes.
Their offerings soon spread out in the living room as their owners ate sushi and drank sparkling wine.
A few weeks ago, I dressed myself up as a stingy person by inviting them to change their clothes.
I have recently started a new job and would like to have a look at this section.
Instead of relying on my hipster friends to provide clothing advice at the mall, I raided their wardrobe.
They came over to change their clothes. they never wore them.
After all, every woman has a pair of pants behind her wardrobe that doesn\'t fit her, or doesn\'t match anything she wears --
Maybe it was bought at a discount, the price is too good to miss.
It seems like a huge sense of guilt.
Free way to get rid of unworn clothes while updating our look.
I sent Evites to friends who are almost my age and they have similar clothing needs.
A lawyer, a public relations officer and a civil servant are playing games.
Coincidentally, we are all dark-haired people, and most of us are at different stages in the early days of mom --
We all have clothes that fit before but don\'t fit anymore.
It doesn\'t take much preparation.
My husband took a plate of sushi and a bottle of sparkling wine.
I dragged one.
Long Mirror in living room and hanger in basement.
I also bought a large rubber maid box for $10 to store things that didn\'t find a new home for easy access to the donation center.
The ladies arrived on Saturday afternoon with clothing bags hanging on their arms.
I distributed snacks when they made the goods.
Then we started talking about business.
Some experts suggest distributing poker chips or using the policy of \"bring one in, bring one out\" to ensure that each lady leaves the exchange with the same amount of loot.
It seems too stuffy for my crew.
Instead, we just jumped in.
The outfit combination is incredible.
It\'s all high quality stuff.
No holes, obstacles or pit stains
There are labels such as Banana Republic, Mexx and French laundry room.
Some never even crossed.
\"I\'m happy to clean up something I didn\'t want to clean up before,\" said Rachel Hepburn Craig, a lawyer who showed up with two garbage bags full of court trash.
\"Knowing that it will find a good house makes it easier.
\"Despite the bounty, we have not quarreled about it.
Everyone takes the time to criticize each other\'s findings.
We all tried on a brand new and gorgeous silk shirt until it found the right home (with, ahem, me).
Trying on someone else\'s clothes helps us try the look that we don\'t usually think about, without the risk of paying for something we\'ll never wear.
For example, Craig, who is usually low-key, walked away wearing a leopoard printed shirt.
\"I have never tried a leopard with folds,\" she admitted . \".
\"But under the jacket, it looks good.
\"Her findings also included a suit that was perfect for leopard prints --
There is also a new pair of leather flats to complete this ensemble.
Civil servant Natasha granastan, who took parental leave, took home a gorgeous handmade dress I bought at an art show, and I paid over $100 for it a few years ago.
It was pushed to the back of my closet as my fashion needs and preferences changed.
Its packaging design looks particularly good on her.
She also brought home a gray loose shirt.
The color she usually does not choose.
A few weeks later, however, she looked pretty at a birthday party at a local bar.
In exchange, I grabbed a belt sweater from Natasha and a bright Billabong hoodie.
As the exchange went on, I zipped back upstairs and grabbed more clothes from the closet and put them on the shelf.
This insect removal is contagious.
When the bottle was empty, each of us walked away with a bunch of new clothes --
But it\'s much less than what we bring.
We threw the cast into the plastic box cheerfully.
Then we all moved into the living room, where the coach continued: The women expressed their thoughts on my carpet samples.
The next day, I sent the bin to a successful place. for-
Profit from professional clothing for vulnerable women who start interviews and new jobs.
In this way, everyone wins.
A few weeks later, I left in a new Teenflo dress suit to attend an important meeting.
Standing in front of a house of executives wearing a disposable pencil skirt, I feel that there is nothing wrong with it. It felt smart.
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