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Some views on buying schoolbags for primary school students

by:Xilong      2020-03-30
Today, Xilong Xiaoyou talked to you about some of the views on the purchase of primary school students' schoolbags. When the children's schoolbags are too heavy, the head will definitely lean forward to balance the situation of the back of the bag. Over time, children are used to walking with breasts. So, how to buy a good student bag? Our Xiamen Xilong Travel Co. , Ltd. is a design, development and production model, specializing in customizing backpacks, schoolbags and luggage case, according to our 11-year customization experience. Here, I would like to provide our company with 11 years of professional customization experience and reference to those friends who are thinking about buying or hesitating: 1st. Be sure to check all parts of the schoolbag before buying it, more partitions are preferred. This will not only allow children to pack textbooks and stationery in different categories, but also make the weight of schoolbags uniform. Some schoolbags are specially equipped with cassette and MP3 pockets with thread holes. Parents feel comfortable with the fabric for'Picky' It is also very important for kindergarten children. Parents prefer environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable fabrics. 2nd. The straps should be as wide as possible. Some straps made of super-strong elastic materials are designed according to the shoulders of the human body to effectively disperse the weight of the schoolbag. The other straps are added with a layer of air cushion, which has good flexibility. It is better to have a supporting belt on the schoolbag, so that the pressure can be evenly dispersed and no excessive damage will be caused to the back and shoulders. 3rd. Children like to run, and all the stressed parts of the schoolbag must be reinforced. When buying, they may as well test it with the tensile force of their hands, which is more reassuring. 4th, the back cushion has potholes, because the schoolbag must be close to the back, so the back of the backpack should be equipped with a cushion, and the cushion should have potholes to help heat dissipation, so that children will not'Sweat. If you need to order Primary School schoolbags in the near future, you can call Xilong bags. Our phone number is 400-0061- 690, the following is a few of the primary school students' schoolbags I found on the Internet for your reference, and you can customize them according to your needs. More luggage topics'Sweep and pay attention'
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