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Some reference opinions on travel bag customization

by:Xilong      2020-03-28
Travel bag is also called travel bag, which refers to a kind of bag prepared for travel or travel. It is when you leave your hometown for a long journey, or do things or visit, or devote yourself to nature and enjoy the sunshine and rain, A kind of bag that can bring daily necessities or any clothes you want to bring with you for convenience. Travel bags can be divided into back, lift and drag. When choosing, we should consider the volume and style, in addition, we should also consider the user's body and body shape and weight-bearing ability and other factors. The volume of small travel bags is below 30 liters. These travel bags are generally used in cities, of course, for 1 ~ A 2-day outing is also very suitable. The volume of medium-sized travel bags is generally 30 ~ Between 50 liters, these travel bags are more widely used, 2 ~ A 4-day field trip, a trip between cities and some long-distance non-camping self-help trips, medium-sized travel bags are perfect. Clothes and some daily necessities can be carried with you. The styles and types of medium-sized travel bags are more diverse. Some travel bags have added some side pockets, which is more conducive to packing items. The back structure of these travel bags is roughly the same as that of large travel bags. The package structure of the long-distance travel bag is a bit like that of the mountaineering bag, except that the body width of the bag is slightly larger and equipped with many side bags so as to classify and place the fragmentary objects and open them all during the long-distance travel, pick and place items very convenient. The following small series will give you some of our Xilong travel bags for friends from all walks of life who have customized travel bags. More luggage information'Sweep and pay attention'
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