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Some nursing methods for leather bags

by:Xilong      2020-03-28
The following small series for everyone to recommend a few care methods for leather bags: 1: for leather bags when the hand dirt and other eye-catching, please use the leather special decontamination device. However, due to some situations such as fading, please try it in an inconspicuous place first. Also, since the leather that sticks to water cannot use the decontamination device, please use a dry wipe or eraser. 2: The workmanship of leather bags maintains the original properties of leather, and there will be fading due to rain or friction, soiling clothes, etc. 3: After the leather luggage is wet by rain, wipe it with a soft cloth and dry it in the shade. 4: In order to prevent skin damage, color loss and other reasons, avoid using alcohol solvents such as gasoline and banana water and blowing in water, otherwise damage leather bags. Xiamen luggage Shanghai luggage Beijing luggage Xiamen luggage custom Xiamen luggage manufacturer Xiamen luggage order, Xiamen luggage purchase Xiamen luggage supplier Xiamen luggage style Xiamen business leisure bag Xiamen Sports Leisure bag, business computer backpack sports leisure backpack business tie rod luggage leisure tie rod luggage ODM, OEM Xiamen computer bag, Xiamen Travel Leisure bag Xiamen digital bag Xiamen mummy bag Xiamen Gift luggage Xiamen environmental protection shopping bag Xiamen fashion shopping bag, xiamen luggage case Xiamen backpack Xiamen mountaineering backpack Xiamen shoulder bag Xiamen shoulder bag, more related luggage custom information please click: Xiamen Xilong luggage website article editor: Xiamen Xilong Travel Products Co. , Ltd. Tel: 0755-25579491 Contact: Zeng Shun
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