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Some 'hidden rules' for enterprises to customize backpacks'

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
2015 is about to pass and 2016 is coming. On the occasion of this new year, many enterprises are busy preparing a thoughtful welfare gift for their employees. With the rise of gift bags, many enterprises prefer custom-made backpacks to give to employees. So, for some enterprises to customize backpacks'Hidden rules', Have you ever known? What are the customized backpacks for enterprises? Hidden rules'? First, when looking for backpack manufacturers to customize backpacks, manufacturers usually have certain quantity requirements. Since customized backpacks involve mold, materials, technology and other issues, there is usually a minimum order quantity. The routine is 500 minimum orders. The more the quantity is customized, the more favorable the manufacturer's quotation will be. Second, enterprises need to provide physical objects or pictures if they want to quote by backpack manufacturers. Physical quotations are generally more accurate, while picture quotations have certain errors. When the company provides pictures for quotation, the manufacturer will ask for as many detailed parameters as possible, such as material, size, detail map, etc. , in order to make the quotation more accurate. Third, the backpack manufacturer will provide the backpack design scheme and select the most suitable material according to the enterprise budget. As long as the enterprise has clear style requirements and functional requirements, manufacturers can generally achieve, such as waterproof, anti-fouling, ultra-light, stereotypes and other requirements, and recommend styles or design styles according to the enterprise budget. Enterprises are looking for Xilong bags for customized backpacks. Xilong bags have been focusing on luggage customization for more than ten years and are committed to becoming the first brand of domestic luggage customization, has served Ping An Bank, Sinopec, Ganji, Baidu and other well-known brands, is a trustworthy manufacturer!
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