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Some development status of luggage market

by:Xilong      2020-03-28
China is a country that produces bags and suitcases. At present, China has formed four manufacturing bases of PVC bags in Guangdong Huadu, Fujian Quanzhou, Zhejiang Pinghu and Hebei Baigou. With the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption level, all kinds of bags have become indispensable accessories around people. People's requirements for luggage products are not only strengthened in practicality, but also expanded in decoration. According to the continuous change of consumers' tastes, the materials of bags and suitcases are more diversified. Leather, PU, polyester, canvas, cotton and linen and other texture bags lead the fashion trend. At the same time, in an era of increasingly flaunting individuality, various styles such as simplicity, retro and cartoon also cater to the needs of fashion people to publicize their individuality from different aspects. The style of luggage is also expanded from traditional business bags, schoolbags and traveling bags to pencil bags, change purses and small sachets. There is a huge demand space in the international luggage market, which directly promotes the export growth of China's luggage products and makes the luggage export achieve a stable growth. China's luggage export amount in 2007 was 108. $0. 1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 24. 21%, export quantity 77. 7. 9 billion, an increase of 21. 56%. Xiamen luggage Shanghai luggage Beijing luggage Xiamen luggage custom Xiamen luggage manufacturer Xiamen luggage order, Xiamen luggage purchase Xiamen luggage supplier Xiamen luggage style Xiamen business leisure bag Xiamen Sports Leisure bag, business computer backpack sports leisure backpack business tie rod luggage leisure tie rod luggage ODM, OEM Xiamen computer bag, Xiamen Travel Leisure bag Xiamen digital bag Xiamen mummy bag Xiamen Gift luggage Xiamen environmental protection shopping bag Xiamen fashion shopping bag, xiamen luggage case Xiamen backpack Xiamen mountaineering backpack Xiamen shoulder bag Xiamen shoulder bag, more related luggage custom information please click: Xiamen Xilong luggage website article editor: Xiamen Xilong Travel Products Co. , Ltd. Tel: 0755-25579491 Contact: Zeng Shun
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