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Some common sense of enterprise purchasing custom luggage case

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
At the end of the year, many enterprises choose to purchase custom luggage boxes as employee gifts. Luggage case is the main equipment for returning home at the end of the year and plays an extremely important role in returning home. Enterprises purchase and customize a strong and durable luggage case, which can make employees travel without worry and is more helpful to reflect the care of enterprises. Luggage case is usually divided into two categories: soft case and hard case. Soft case refers to the luggage case made of relatively soft material. Hard case is the luggage case made of hard material. Most soft cases are made of canvas, nylon, EVA, leather and other materials, while most hard cases are made of ABS, PP, PC, thermoplastic composite materials and other materials. Luggage cases made of different materials, its characteristics and uses are also different. Enterprises to purchase custom luggage case should pay attention to the budget and use, according to the budget and use to choose the most appropriate material. If you purchase a custom luggage case as a year-end employee welfare gift, you can choose a hard case. Although the price of hard boxes is higher, they are more durable and of higher grade. In addition, the hard case has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, waterproof and compression resistance, and is suitable for employees to use when they go home or travel at the end of the year. If the enterprise budget is relatively low, purchasing customized soft boxes is a more appropriate choice. The price of the soft box is low. Its advantages are light weight, strong toughness and exquisite appearance. However, its waterproof, anti-pressure and anti-impact aspects are not as hard, and it looks lower than the hard box. However, the external design of the soft case is diversified, and the outer pocket of some small items is extensible, which is more suitable for short-distance sightseeing, or it is also a good choice as a portable boarding case. When purchasing custom luggage case, the size of luggage case should not be careless. The size of the luggage case determines the capacity, and the capacity affects the practical performance of the luggage case. At the same time Trolley also related to trolley whether can carry-on boarding. Generally speaking, the length, width and height of the checked suitcase should not exceed 158, while the carry-on suitcase should not exceed 115. Enterprises purchase customized luggage case to find Xilong luggage, we are a professional manufacturer of customized gift luggage case, with more than ten design and production experience, can help you tailor-made, is a trustworthy cooperative manufacturer!
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