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smart gizmos? volvo\'s latest has got it in the bag

by:Xilong      2019-09-09
The grocery-custom backpacks holder.
Now an important part of the car.
You can use something every day.
This means you don\'t have to repack cans, bottles, bags and rolls scattered around the four corners of the boot. Simple thought;
Practical application.
The flip cover folds from the flat boot floor with two hooks for the handle of the bag and a thick elastic band for shopping.
However, I am confused as to why it is only higher (SE)
The specification version of the Volvo x600.
It should be standard surelyI often wonder if automakers are so focused on their heated seats, leather interiors and \"green\" engines that they ignore the real impact on our daily lives
I know that I would rather spend a few more drops of fuel than change my clothes in wet weather, a windy day, because shopping is everywhere and my backend is exposed to elements when retrieving them.
To be fair, Volvo has at least the option of a shopping bag holder;
Regardless of the level of decoration, many do not.
Using the device can also separate the boot space so you can surround the bottles and high blocks into a limited area-the kitchen roll paper is the worst criminal-to stop them from being like a dollar casino.
To be fair to Volvo, it also ensures that animated objects-passengers-are well protected.
That\'s how it works, it\'s not building a reputation for safety first, driving later.
This is an unfair generalization today.
Some of its newer cars, such as the V40, are excellent drivers.
This old one, but the modified x60c is still one of my favorite \"execution\" softwareroaders.
I have two beta versions. wheel-drive.
You can call it an SUV if you like; it is a \'soft-roader\' to me.
Looks good (
A redesign of the pieces;
The front looks sharper).
Is there a better size car, genreIt doesn\'t have the wonderful feeling of tightening and power machine of the Audi Q5. but it has a lot of style.
However, the dark brown color of my test motor seriously damaged it.
All those traveling with me contrast this to the smart interior-I question Volvo\'s judgment and taste.
In any case, the main purpose of this drive is to evaluate the new Four
D4 cylinder diesel engine (181bhp)from its Drive-E family.
It went a long way on small diesel (
Ferns, etc).
I don\'t believe in official consumption data anymore because they are implemented at such a high level --
Control conditions.
But what I\'m going to say is: it\'s a lot smoother than the old one, and does a great job on gears.
This is a real difference for the x60because some of Volvo\'s previous engines were noisy and loud.
It\'s also good to work with a decent six.
Speed manual gearbox.
There is a good room in the cabin, and my beta version has a feeling of luxury-bathing in (optional)
Leather trim.
I love the dashboard, and the colorful, clever way to present and deliver information;
This is not scratched with the button there.
Very good driving position.
Parking is easy for a large car with 4/5 adults.
This is partly due to parking.
I think the auxiliary system should appear again on all models of this type of car.
I think it\'s like shopping.
Package holder, it has become one of the daily blessings of the car and I bet people don\'t mind paying extra for having it.
I also know that there are many other things that will make it easier for us every day.
In any case, let\'s have new engines, designs and technologies.
But we should not ignore common sense either.
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