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Six techniques to teach you to choose good quality bags

by:Xilong      2020-03-29
How to buy a good quality bag, every friend who buys bags or custom bags will be a little confused, plus not a professional, it is easy to make mistakes when purchasing bags. Then here we will teach you how to make six moves to look at bags and choose and check for your bag products. First, look at the face. When selecting bags and bags, we should pay attention to whether the surface of the product is smooth, whether it is smooth, whether there are bubbles and whether there are bare burrs. The appearance is neat and smooth, and the horizontal placement has no angle. The color of the fabric is pure and natural, the pattern has no overlapping, fuzzy or uneven, and the phenomenon of flower spots. Second, look, the quality and feel of the lining are also very important, because the interior of the bag should be taken frequently. First, the comfort, smoothness and texture of the material should be considered, without burrs and roughness, the second is to look at the material to be fine, there is a certain bearing capacity, will not deform or crack. Third, look at the belt is the force component of the bag. Therefore, the material and sewing process of the strap are very important. This part should be a backpack or a bag product. The strap is the most important part of the bag, but it is also the most easily damaged part, because it is often stressed. When purchasing, carefully check the thickness and density of the strap, and check whether the connection between the strap and the bag body is jujube. All kinds of bags should pay attention to straps, while backpackers will pay more attention to the bearing and firmness of straps, and pay special attention to them when selecting. Four, look at the line, luggage production, according to different categories of sewing line material has clear requirements, such as nylon thread, polyester thread, cotton thread, etc. , the yarn thickness is also different. Therefore, the size and structure of the bag are also very particular about the thickness of the thread. Of course, the sewing process of the thread requires natural and smooth routing, no disconnection, heavy needle, jump needle, and uniform and beautiful stitch distance. Five, look at the hardware accessories on the hardware luggage is not only the need for decoration, but also used as a load-bearing structure, so the appearance of the hardware should be plated smooth and clean. After anti-oxidation treatment, anti-acid and anti-rain fog treatment. In this way, Rust will not occur in use, and die casting hardware will be used as much as possible, so the stress level will be higher. Six, look at the Zipper, the bag will basically use the zipper. Due to the high frequency of zipper use. For bags, a good zipper can protect your belongings. Generally speaking, test it manually, pull the pull tab, pull it back and forth in the reverse direction, and pull it slowly. As long as you don't feel the sense of frustration with the click sound, it will not be a big problem if it is smooth. To sum up, if you want to choose a bag of good quality and customize your professional knowledge according to the bag, xilong luggage editor suggests that you must look at the surface, inside, belt, thread, hardware and zipper of the luggage. Of course, there are still many details to pay attention to in the selection of luggage. I believe you will be confident when you buy luggage products after reading this article.
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