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Six technical points of aluminum alloy box customization

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
The aluminum alloy box is customized in today's high-end packaging. The aluminum alloy box is easy to process, has good visual effect and rich external processing methods, many military equipment, medical equipment, high-tech research and development products will choose to use aluminum alloy box as packaging, safety and protection is extremely strong. However, a good aluminum alloy box has to be customized. This time let's see how the aluminum alloy box manufacturer makes the aluminum alloy box? Look at the five technical points of aluminum alloy box customization. 1. Aluminum alloy box sand blasting technology sand blasting technology is a process of finishing and roughening the metal appearance by using the impact of high-speed sand flow. This technology can make the surface treatment of aluminum alloy box obtain certain cleanliness and different tactility, thus increasing the adhesion between aluminum alloy box and coating and prolonging the durability of coating film, it is also conducive to the leveling and decoration of the paint. 2. Aluminum alloy box polishing technology. The polishing technology uses mechanical, chemical or electrochemical methods to reduce the roughness of the aluminum alloy box to obtain a bright and flat appearance. Polishing technology is mainly divided into: mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing. The aluminum alloy box can be customized by mechanical polishing and electrolytic polishing, which can be close to the mirror effect of stainless steel, giving people a feeling of high-grade simplicity and fashion in the future. 3, aluminum alloy box wire drawing technology, metal wire drawing technology is the process of repeatedly scraping the aluminum plate out of the line with sandpaper. Wire drawing can be divided into straight wire drawing, random wire drawing, rotary wire drawing and thread drawing. The aluminum alloy box using metal wire drawing technology can clearly flash every fine wire mark, thus making the metal matte produce fine hair luster, making the aluminum alloy box have both fashion and technology. 4. High-gloss cutting technology for aluminum alloy box cutting Technology select the fine carving machine to reinforce the diamond knife on the high-speed rotating fine carving machine spindle to cut parts, and some highlighted areas occur on the surface of the commodity. The brightness of the cutting highlight is affected by the speed of the milling bit. The faster the speed of the bit, the brighter the highlight of the cutting, otherwise, the darker it is and the knife pattern simply occurs. If the customized metal frame of aluminum alloy box adopts high-gloss milling technology, coupled with anodic oxidation and wire drawing technology, the aluminum alloy box will be full of fashion sense and sharp sense of technology. 5, anodic oxidation technology, Anodic Oxidation refers to the electrochemical oxidation of metals or alloys, pure aluminum and its alloys under the corresponding electrolyte and specific technical conditions, due to the action of external current, the process of forming an oxide film on the aluminum alloy box. The anodic oxidation technology can deal with the shortcomings of the surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum, and can prolong the service life of aluminum and enhance the beauty. It has become a short part of the surface treatment of aluminum alloy box, is now the most widely used and very successful technology. The technical points of aluminum alloy box customization have great requirements on the qualification and process technology of aluminum alloy box manufacturers, so we should choose the right aluminum alloy box manufacturer and recommend Xilong luggage customization manufacturer here. Xilong luggage customization factory is a 12-year luggage customization factory, serving the world's top 500 well-known enterprises all the year round, for its tailor-made luggage case, medical equipment luggage, military luggage, aluminum alloy box and other bags with high technological requirements, I believe it is a luggage manufacturer worth seeing.
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