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single-use plastic bags to be banned in queensland from 2018

by:Xilong      2019-08-27
Queensland government will ban singles
Use plastic shopping bags from 2018 and will not wait for other Eastern states to do the same.
Labor has been considering a ban for more than a year, and has been pushing New South Wales and Victoria to join a ban in recent monthscalled east-coast ban.
Environment Minister Steven Myers said he will raise the issue again when he meets with his southern counterparts today.
\"This is the best way to happen.
We don\'t want people who live in the southern Gold Coast and if they forget about their rebuilding they will drive to New South Wales
Shopping bags available, \"said Mr. miles.
\"It would be better if we could find a solution to deal with such cross-cutting problems --border issues.
But even if no single deal can be reached, Queensland will continue to work hard, he said.
Use bags along the East Coast.
Miles said the voluntary action taken by supermarkets across the country a few years ago was a success.
\"In the three years of voluntary action, the number of light bags used has decreased by about 44.
Unfortunately, once voluntary action has stopped, our use of plastic bags has begun to increase . \"
Plastic bags have been banned in southern Australia, Northern Australia, Australia and Australia.
A discussion paper will be released today detailing the plans of the Palaszczuk government.
Earlier this week, the LNP opposition announced that it would phase out plastic bags if it won the next election.
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