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shopping bags a bacteria hazard

by:Xilong      2019-09-25
Reuse of shopping bags can be good for the environment, but bad for your health.
Convenient woven polypropylene bags that can be squeezed small and stuffed into their wallets can be a comfortable home for coliform bacteria and even E. coli
According to researchers in California and Arizona.
According to Charles Geba, a researcher at the University of Arizona in Tucson, the coliform bacteria appear in the stool raw materials and raw meat, the toilet bowl, the kitchen sink, and the raw meat is cleaned in these places,
Coliform bacteria were found in half of the bags tested as an indicator of unsanitary conditions. E-
E. coli was found in 12 of the bags.
\"You always gamble with bacteria, and the whole idea is to make the odds work for you, not for bacteria.
\"If you don\'t maintain these bags, you give the chance for bacteria to come into contact,\" Gerba said . \".
According to this study, simple cleaning with soap after use is all it takes to keep the bag, but only 3% of people reported having cleaned the bag, it checked 84 bags collected in three places in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Tucson.
Only 25 per cent reported that vegetables and raw meat would be separated when they were full of bags.
Some people use these bags for other purposes, including books, clothes, snacks, cycling supplies and books.
\"I don\'t allow my wife to use except for the reusable bags that are not allowed
\"Groceries,\" Gerba said.
\"People put clothes, socks and pets in it;
I can\'t believe what people do with these bags.
Then they threw broccoli in.
Gerba said: \"The study was funded by the US chemical commission representing plastic manufacturers.
In May 2009, a Canadian study sounded the alarm for the use of bags to transport sportswear and groceries, saying the practice could spread antibiotics
Resistant form of bacteria, S. aureus, so-
Super bacteria first appeared in hospital settings.
According to Health Canada, there are 11 million cases of food
Canada has related diseases every year.
Many of these diseases can be prevented by following proper food handling and preparation techniques.
On June, Health Canada issued a press release reminding Canadians to wash garbage bins and bags frequently.
It points out that garbage bins can also pick up bacteria from the ground or from the back of the car.
It recommends keeping fresh or frozen raw meat, poultry and fish separately from fresh produce and other ready-to-eat foodsto-eat foods.
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