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by:Xilong      2019-10-01
Deep Cleansing neutrogena deep cleansing facial cleanser thoroughly clean the skin to pores to dissolve and remove blocked dirt, oil and cosmetics
Get up, relax and wash away dead skin cells that can dry, rough and dull skin tones.
Your skin color looks cleaner and healthier, and your skin feels smoother, softer and cleaner. Price: Rs. 85 for 50 mlRs.
The price of 320 is 200 ml.
LaunchedChik now has a new look, and also adds a new ingredient, the \"vitamin h\", that promises to nourish the soft hair.
Vitamin H is known as a \"beauty vitamin\" because it activates protein/amino acid metabolism in the roots of the hair, making the hair soft. Price: Rs. 25 for 100 ml.
Pepe Jeans Spring/Summer 10 series introduces a range of contemporary and versatile highly fashionable designs and latest styles.
Blend the elegant style of high street, eclectic bohemian style and relaxed tom-boy looks.
The \"women\'s summer collection\" brings back the subtle memories of 1950 bohemian style and 1960 hippie style, incorporating a fresh floral summer palette.
The range of men is perfect for summer mood range, bright and bright colors with strong attention to the yellow, light green and grass green of sunburned, these colors are well integrated with neutral shades such as beige and gray
The plaid and stripes are designed with floral decoration details, which incorporate the casual and relaxed feeling of everyday wear, but also give an influence of Hawaiian style. Prices: Rs.
899 *** just outAnita Dongre also recently launched a series of new Western-style clothing from 100 cotton with the NGO shop.
The collection has gained light and summer clothing, shirts and tops in 21 vibrant designs. and colours. Price: Rs. 895 to Rs.
1695 National ethosA ** the designer of the new boutique called Saumya Nungambakam\'s close-fitting Hot Chip has won hand block printing and embroidery from delhi, jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Baroda and more.
Cottons, voiles, khadis and maheshwaris exquisite handprints and weaving on suits, kurtis, tunics, fabrics, mix n match and sarees very
Summer shades of turquoise, coral, purple, Burgundy and Champagne dominate the new collection this season.
Contact Information: 9381012403 Price: Rs
After 450, football sir, the excitement of the World Cup has gone to the final stage with the game.
Keeping pace with the attractive and dynamic FIFA 2010 World Cup, Sportz at Chennai Ampa Mall has built an exclusive football zone in the store.
The football area includes official football products such as the official team\'s tee, FIFA\'s 2010 tee, and the largest range of football and football accessories.
Two new variants of the clear gel Bath stick from Fiama Di Wills are the baby Clear Spring and gentle dew.
These gel bath sticks are in a unique shape of Dew, a transparent look, rich cream foam and huge length
Long lasting fragrance.
These baths are skin-tested and gentle with natural exotic extracts such as peaches, avocado, seaweed and lemon grass.
Gentle Dew moisturizes the skin and clear spring water moisturizes the skin. Price: Rs.
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