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by:Xilong      2019-10-01
Comfy coolTrigger has launched its latest fashion festive collection.
There are two new styles of value introduced this season.
The trigger core series \"trigger touch and feel\" features superior fabric and a better feel, reflecting the highest quality.
Price: between Rs699 and Rs. 999.
The brand new fashion collection of \"trigger singles\" fashion jeans captures the spirit and confidence of young people and fashion people.
Price: between Rs999 and Rs. 1599.
This season the trigger also launched a series of unique t-
\"Lotion series\" shirt. Price: Rs. 699.
The trigger lotion series will be upgraded every 60 days with new colors and styles to portray the vibrancy in fashion.
Trigger\'s new 100 cotton and linen woven shirt comes in three options, \"comfortable\", \"casual\" and \"Enchante \".
The \"comfort\" series, which includes simple inspections and patterns, is ideal for everyday wear.
The \"leisure\" series is of course prepared for stylish and chic customers.
The \"enchanted\" series is a premium selection for special occasions and parties.
Price: Comfort series
699, \"leisure\" series between Rs. 799 and Rs.
899, between the complete works of \"Wei Hua\" @ Rs. 899 and Rs. 1299.
Available at: Trigger Clothing Co. , Ltd. , store numberG-
6/F, ground floor, Prince Building, 94/113 purasaikabam High Road (
OP: appinglamy Theatre). Ph: 26428811.
Hip hop\'s inFastrack is now launching a whole new range of hip hop watches and sunglasses.
The collection reflects traditional hip-hop symbols such as the dollar symbol, the turntable, and of course don\'t forget the jewelry!
Bold and bold, these watches use gold in a brand new way with stone dust, patent leather strap and crystal.
The unusual LP watch Skull Case watch (
Inspired by Records)
There is no doubt that the Hong Kong and Taiwan medal watch is one of several notable designs. Price: Rs.
From 1295, there are 26 variations to choose from.
The Fastrack Hip Hop sunglasses offer bold colors such as white and red, dotted with large frames with lots of jewelry.
Each pair is unique, from a textured temple on a pyramid-shaped raised surface to a stone dust filling pattern that adds style quotient. Price: From Rs. 895 to Rs.
There are 28 different models to choose from at 1895.
Wake up at night repair and discover a new you, a brand new addition to the ghaneyer Light Night Cream, a brand new addition to the ghaneyer light series.
Throughout the day, harmful sunlight, dust and pollution will produce dark cells on your skin.
At night, your skin is far away from external invasion, so it can be repaired faster.
That\'s why you need a specially formulated cream to work hard at night.
The light overnight cream has a special natural micro-peeling fruit extract that helps peel off the dark cells while you sleep and lighten the skin.
Its melted texture moisturizes and nourishes your satin overnight, making it smooth with a satin finish. Price: Rs.
RS 179 and Rs 40 ml.
18 ml of milk can make your skin smooth this winter, which will moisturize your skin.
Winter may be one of the worst times of the year to take care of your skin.
In winter, it needs a good one to make the skin look beautiful, well maintained, healthy
Adjust the water balance.
Nivea body smooth milk is a moisturizing lotion with a light and pleasant texture;
It addresses the need for deep nutrition in winter, and there is no stickiness left behind after other body lotions remain on the surface of the skin.
This is the formula of ginkgo shea butter, which penetrates into the skin layer by layer, adding moisture to each layer and repairing dryness. Price: Rs.
RS-75 ml. 109; Rs.
RS 218 and Rs 250 ml.
The price of 296 is 400 ml, and Spinz Glitz-appears in the sparkling lipstick, dazzling hair gel and lotion series-
Flash body spray from CavinKare.
This is the first body spray ever, and not only does it smell good, it also makes you look dazzled in seconds.
Spinz Glitz has a bouquet of fresh wood aromas that light the night with a sparkling flash. Price: Rs. 100 for 90 ml.
Available in all leading stores in different metropolises.
Happy feetVega introduces its new collection of pedicure tools.
This range includes foot washer, pumice, foot care file, Diamond foot paddle, double action healing tissue smoothing, foot brush with carbormine and wooden black carbormine foot care file
Now, there\'s a new meaning in modifying your feet with VEGA\'s foot care essentials. Price: Rs. 55 and Rs.
180, with stylish colors and chic designs.
There are leading beauty and department stores in the country.
To see the full range of Vega pedicure tools and other beauty accessories, please log in to www. vega. co.
In the UK, winter chicPavers have launched a range of glamorous accessories for men and women in their stores.
Beautiful autumn
The winter 10 series draws inspiration from bohemian fashion.
Red, black, and bronze dominate the collection of Lady bags, perfect to refresh your wardrobe.
Tighten, twist, tie and press your waist with a thin belt to add a smart touch to your look.
The belt collection features a slim and stylish belt woven in metal and leather.
Price: Rs belt. 999 to Rs. 5999; bags from Rs. 3999 to Rs.
Socks for 4999 and Rs. 699 to Rs. 749.
There are all leading department stores such as lifestyle, Central and Shoppers Stop.
Nail it to death!
Join the colorful Chambor joyride during this season, where both colors will reflect your personality. . .
Now you can carve out a beautiful look for your nails with Chambor\'s new collection DUOH! 2 nail enamel. DUOH!
2 comes with a high concealer and dries quickly to give your nails the gloss and shine they want.
Powerful and beautiful Chambor\'s DUOH!
2 come with five combination packs of stunning elegant colors: Passion fruit, twinkling stars, sugar and spices, Lazy Daisy and first kiss. DUOH!
2 Free Nail tattoo in each combo pack. Price: Rs.
The conclusion of 295 \"thin\" came out. thin denims is an anger;
Yes, so do men.
Better Skinner.
Jeans from Calvin Klein X are a complement to glory --
Give you a perfect look.
It\'s five-thin legs in premium stretch denim
Pocket styling, thick embroidery and cording omega details for the back pocket, along with a gold logo print on the inside of the back belt.
Thin denims has gone through a lot of changes in profile, washing and ending, but the fact remains that nothing is better than a pair of very thin denims, which have a basic level of washing, it gives it stylish content.
Better Skinner. Price: Rs. 6999 onwards.
All Calvin Klein Jeans stores across the country.
* Driving!
Rocia\'s latest collection of cowboy boots is all about fashion --
Traditional Western style. These year-
Rocia\'s cylinder boots are never out of date.
The latest range of cowboy boots includes men\'s short boots, which has changed a lot in standard clothing --casual shoes.
For men who love the streamlined and polished look, the classic look is fantastic.
The sleek leather upper lends the boots to a slightly more funky fare and also to casual --back style.
ROCIA\'s jeans and cowboy boots are the perfect combination of black and brown, with regular width and width, and are available in various sizes.
Price: 4999 rupees are available in stores across India;
In cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmadinejad, Surat, Baroda and saigondrabad.
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