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by:Xilong      2019-09-27
Exchange rush!
A month\'s \"big Exchange Offer\"
In March 21, consumers can get great value from their old garbage, including newspapers, clothes, footwear, plastics, electronics, furniture, all the big Bazaar stores around India.
Customers can exchange any old items under any condition and shop in Grand bazaar, thus gaining great shopping value.
This exchange is applicable to the entire food category (
All food)
Electronic category (
But people have to buy 8 times the value of coupons for food, electronics).
This offer applies to a wide range of products at large markets such as clothing, home fashion, tableware, plastic, pottery, luggage, toys, etc.
The Grand Bazaar will provide customers with an incredibly valuable old scrap coupon.
Old newspaper/magazine/book for Rs
Rs 25 per kilogram.
Plastic/utensils/leather products of Rs 200 per kilogram.
Rs 75 per kgOld footwear/luggage.
Rs 100 per kgOld Pet/bottle/can.
Rs 25 tires per kgOld.
Up to Rs 50 per pcGet.
Exchange old furniture for Rs 10,000.
5,000 in exchange for the old electronic Grand Bazaar, a special kiosks pavilion will be set up outside the store, and a team will evaluate the old waste products received by customers and issue coupons on the spot.
In addition, the Grand Bazaar will also
With the development of the company office and various housing associations, they have a lot of old products such as old computers, stationery, prints, etc.
Something waiting to be processed.
Big Bazaar will send canters to offices and housing associations across the city to collect junk items from employees and consumers and issue them coupons of the necessary value.
This offer is valid at all major Bazaar stores across the country.
Red, India\'s inBata, has introduced a range of new Red shoes for women.
The apartment, belly and leather offer a range of stylish designs for women.
The red collection is sold in a select Bata store, representing the best combination of fashion and comfort.
You can buy it at Mante Road showroom in Chennai, Ph: 044 28520449,42169663. Price: Rs. 599 onwards.
Look at the coolTitan eye and launch the Sun God decoration-a new glasses frame.
TRIM has over 80 styles to choose from, from vibrant shades like traditional black, brown and gray to blue and silver, and everyone has their own choice.
This series offers innovative designs ranging from embossed sports rubber temples and juicy red translucent thick temples to elegantly decorated split temples for a more classic look.
Each frame comes with a minimum warranty of six months.
All Titan Eye Plus stores across the country. Log on to: www. titaneyeplus.
Learn more.
Price: between Rs1600 and Rs. 3400.
Introduced its unique Y-
Its flagship brand, Fi stich, is owned by lawmanpg3. Y-
Fi stitch is a designer needle developed by the LawmanPg3 brand, 60 weft 60 warp, 60 stitches in 60 seconds.
Innovative needles add new design elements to the cowboywear.
This limited edition is available at all 89 K-
Lounge stores across the country. (Chennai: K-
180 purasathinam High Road near Lounge abilami mall-600 010 Ph.
044 26431261 mob: 093819 04000)Price: From Rs. 695 to Rs. 1995.
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