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by:Xilong      2019-09-27
Gold bonds celebrate your brother\'s priceless childhood memories with the gold Rakhis of calatline.
Use these gold Rakhis with the image of the goddess Lakshmi to wish your brother the best of his life.
This 22 kt and 24 kt Gold Rakhis, dressed in brightly colored Bandhani pouch, has roli and chaawal for tika and coconuts and wishes you good luck and prosperity.
Price: Rs 749, available at:> www. caratlane. com. Up for grabs!
Ongoing woodland sales have brought irresistible savings to its spring and summer series.
For a limited period of time only, customers can enjoy special sales that provide the following services
Shoes discount up to 50, clothing discount up to 40.
People can enjoy huge savings from a range of casual/formal footwear, T-
Men\'s and women\'s shirts, linen shirts, trousers, summer jackets and T-shirts.
If that\'s not enough, shoppers can also indulge in trendy accessories such as bags, belts and wallets.
Decorate yourself Karat to showcase its latest collection of \"Aishwarya\", a collection of necklaces, long earrings, bracelets, bajubandh, tikas, rings and pins
The work is made with gorgeous light beige porcelain glaze, combined with ruby and emerald, with carved golden balls and magnificent vision.
There is also a five-line Kundan necklace set with a large complex pendant, beautiful Kundan kada with Ruby and white sapphire. Price: Rs.
2000 onwardsAvailable, address: Art Karat Ispahani Centre, ground floor, bearing gate No-
No. 123/124, Jingao Road, Nugan, Chennai-34;
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