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by:Xilong      2019-09-27
The comfortable feetBody shoes of the Hush puppies help keep the body in the right alignment, reduce fatigue and make the movement easier and more comfortable, thus encouraging you to exercise more.
University experts in bioengineering have tested the shoe, which they have confirmed improves walking efficiency.
Walkers are available throughout the country at the main Bata shoe stores and exclusive walkers display halls. Price: Rs.
4,499 football heat is in the air, so is its accessories.
Bata presents an exclusive collection of stylish football shoes that meet the sport and comfort needs of players.
Foot of anatomical design
The bed improves posture by encouraging more natural walking movements, which gives it a completely stylish and sporty look.
This shoe has a lightweight upper and comfortable design.
The sole is made of studs nails and the grip is perfect. Price: Rs.
999 * preparation start!
Nike Launches Zoom Vomero 5 with all the advantages of Nike Zoom Vomero 4, but also lighter, which also doesn\'t have to compromise on the feeling of plush soles.
The midsole design and materials provide a smooth ride, enhanced fit and seamless interior to reduce irritation and provide exceptional comfort.
Ideal for runners with underspin or neutral gait. Its gender
The specific curved grooves on the outsole provide a seamless transition from heel impact to push, with its external heel counter wrapping the heel and providing a comfortable fit.
This shoe has two styles: male and female. Price: Rs. 8,500 (men\'s)and Rs. 7,995 (women\'s)
UpSkechers have introduced this shape --
The women-friendly ups collection is a revolutionary fitness shoe that helps you shape your body
When you walkShape-
Ups aims to promote weight loss, strong tone and thigh muscles, improve body posture, strengthen the strength of back, calf and hip muscles, increase cardiovascular health, reduce stress on knee and ankle joints, relieve muscle tension and fatigue.
Shape ups is an ideal fitness device for on-the-
A busy lifestyle.
The collection is currently available at select Central and Planet Sports stores.
Price: between Rs3499 and Rs.
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