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by:Xilong      2019-09-27
This winter you can say goodbye to dry, cracked lips and add a little energy from Rohto to the delicious LipIce collection.
LipIce has attractive colors and fruity flavors for younger and bolder segments.
The gloss color is to glide on your lips and use ingredients like wool and mineral oil to protect them from the cold wind.
With a delicious lip fragrance, add a touch of tenderness to your lips in the flavors of orange, strawberry, lemon and blueberry.
Price: between Rs120 and Rs. 190 per tube.
Enthusiastic *** ** fragranceInzio water essenzadi will be a newly added fragrance.
Invest in a life of eternal leisure;
Combined with an incredible spirit of enthusiasm.
Inzio Aqua deodorant is a bold fresh combination of bergamot, mandarin and Italian lemon;
Instantly stimulate the body and mind.
It promises long term
Lasting protection and vitality keep you alive all day.
Available in: all will lifestyle stores across the country. Price: Rs.
The 475 Racy redFerrari glasses offer a brand new range of visual glasses for its Indian audience at a price: FR 5065-Rs. 17,000; FR5070 —Rs. 14,700; FR 5072 —Rs. 15900; FR 5073 —Rs. 14700; FR 5074 —Rs.
9000 weststylestylestylethe Forever Young collection in narundra Kumar under the umbrella on the west side takes inspiration from the beauty of Tangier, depicting its modern architecture with ethnic bending
The look of the series is young, fun and sexy.
The range includes volume tops, jeans, dresses, printed T-shirts
Shirt, custom top, Asian trousers, bubble skirt, work clothes, high band
Jeans and black evening dress.
The color palette combines bright colors such as neutral and red, dark blue, yellow and brown, and the series is designed for young fashion women. Price: Rs.
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