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by:Xilong      2019-08-08
Moose may be a state animal in Maine, but shopping bags are a more appropriate symbol for Freeport.
Unlike shopping in a typical mall, bargaining in this coastal town is not a biscuit
Tool experience.
Liberty Harbor is about 15 miles north of Portland, and since Leon Leonwood Bean opened its original L. L.
Bean shop in 1912
Even 170-
With shops and businesses, Freeport is in sharp contrast to shopping malls.
The town strictly implements zoning regulations, retains simple buildings on the main streets, and maintains fascinating new England features.
In addition to buying, Freeport offers rugged natural beauty and the opportunity to recreate it outdoors.
As long as you know that summer is short, many activities and attractions will not open until June.
According to rainfall, hikers should be ready for muddy terrain in April.
Don\'t worry if you forget your mud boots. L. L.
Bean can solve this problem. At the (
140 North Main Street, 207-865-2007)a mix of well-
Many items are priced at $19 and are known for discounted labels. 95.
For all the things moose,112 Main St. 207-865-6414)sells Maine-
Products centered on moose
Deer Horn chandelier print boxer.
Another regional phone card for non-alcoholic varieties is (
No. 95 desert road, 207-865-6962,www. )
Open from 5 to early October.
There is actually a desert ecosystem, caused by the 19 th.
The soil erosion of the century reveals the landscape of huge sand dunes.
Join the commentary coach tour or self-driving tour
Guided walk through the 40 acres of sand that used to be a tater farm.
Children will love gem hunting (
Stones scattered in a part of the desert for treasure seekers to discover). uncover).
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