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Shandong province Service Association once again joined the Qingdao fabric exhibition

by:Xilong      2020-03-21
A few days ago, the sixth Standing Council of the third Shandong Garment Industry Association was successfully held on December 21. The Conference warmly invited the organizers of the 15th Qingdao fabric exhibition to seek common development trends in the garment industry. Liu Jianguo, the vice president of the conference, gave great support and affirmation to the Qingdao fabric exhibition in June at the enlarged Conference. He said that Qingdao fabric exhibition, as a professional exhibition, plays a role as a bridge in the clothing industry, while narrowing the communication between the clothing industry, it serves the clothing enterprises through new products and new technologies, greatly improving the production efficiency of enterprises and saving costs, it further meets the needs of the upstream and downstream customers of textile and apparel. Therefore, the association calls on all member units to actively support the truly professional Qingdao fabric exhibition and vigorously promote it in the provincial Service Association, all member units have expressed their recognition and actively made arrangements for the exhibition to promote long-term and stable development in the industry. As a professional brand exhibition, won' 2012 key exhibitions supported by the Ministry of Commerce in 108'ONE, 2013 15th China (Qingdao) International flour accessories and yarn exhibition will be held in June 28- On the 30th, Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center opened grandly, and the organizers signed'Make it easier for customers to do business'The service concept, actively develop. 2013, will also reproduce the miracle!
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