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Several ways of cooperation in customizing medical bags

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
Luggage is becoming more and more common, but it is not ordinary, but more and more practical, and more and more fashionable. With the popularity of personalized luggage customization, luggage is widely used in financial insurance, commercial promotion, brand promotion, scientific research instruments, aerospace, military medical treatment, traffic information and other industries, with more and more varieties and styles, medical bags also came into being. Medical bags are mainly used to store various medical devices and improve the efficiency of medical work. So, do you know what cooperation methods are available for customized medical bags? Cooperation Method 1: to make drawings and samples, to make drawings and samples, that is, oem oem, to provide us with their own styles or product pictures, we will make samples according to sample pictures or physical quotations. If you are satisfied with the quotation and samples, you can sign a custom contract and we will complete the production of large goods within the agreed delivery period. Cooperation Method 2: cash medical bags are customized. If the customer does not have a model, but probably knows what type of bags he wants, we will recommend the appropriate box of medical bags for the customer to choose. After the customer determines the style, we will provide samples to the customer to test the quality, everything is confirmed no problem, and then arrange large-scale production. Cooperation Mode 3: R & D design customization R & D design customization is ODM processing, that is, personalized customization. Personalized luggage customization is a special luggage design for customer products according to customer requirements and product requirements. It can also outline the design manuscript according to the customer's idea. After the customer confirms his satisfaction, then carry out large-scale production. Customized medical bags looking for Xilong bags, we founded in 2004, more than ten years focus on custom bags, especially in the field of tool bags, over the years has accumulated a wealth of manufacturing and research and development experience, has achieved certain results, also won the user love and recognition!
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