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Several details that must be paid attention to in mass customization of shoulder computer bags

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
With the rise of personalized luggage customization, many enterprises are increasingly favor shoulder computer bag customization, especially IT enterprises. As an IT family, a high-quality shoulder computer bag is definitely indispensable for work. Therefore, IT enterprises customize the double-shoulder computer bag as a staff welfare gift, which can better reflect the company's intimate. Below, Xilong luggage Xiaobian summarizes some of the details that should be paid attention to when customizing the computer bag, I hope to help everyone. 1. Pay attention to the protective ability of the computer bag the two-shoulder computer bag is mainly to protect the valuable notebook computer from harm, so it should be ensured that the size of the computer bag is appropriate and the ability to resist impact must be strong, otherwise, the computer bag will lose a lot if it falls to the ground. The interior of the computer bag should at least have a high-density foam sponge interlayer to ensure that ordinary vibration, impact, bumping and falling can not damage the notebook computer. 2. Test the toughness and waterproof performance of the computer bag. Generally speaking, the shoulder computer bag should have good toughness and waterproof performance, so that even if it encounters a rainy day or accidentally knocks over a drink, it will not infringe on the beloved laptop. When looking for a manufacturer to customize a backpack, the computer bag sample should be tested for water splashing. The waterproof degree should reach half a meter to ensure that it can withstand normal water splashing and rain. 3. The computer bag should reduce the use of metal accessories. Don't underestimate the accessories on the shoulder computer bag. Sometimes these accessories are killers who hurt the notebook computer. The upper accessories of the computer bag include zippers, hooks, handles, etc. It is best to choose accessories with better materials and reduce the use of metal accessories. Manufacturers can also consider making some unique designs, make the computer bag more practical and beautiful. Mass customization of double-shoulder computer bags looking for Xilong bags and suitcases, we were founded in 2004, and have been operating for more than ten years as an old brand bag manufacturer. We have rich experience in bag customization and have served many well-known enterprises, we are dedicated to customizing all kinds of luggage for all enterprises. Good quality and good reputation are trustworthy!
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