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Seo work plan of luggage customization company

by:Xilong      2020-03-23
SEO project process: 1. Target plan: analyze the Company's status (Advantages, disadvantages) , The promotion of competitors, etc. , to determine the promotion keywords; Set SEO goals, such as traffic or website weight and keyword ranking, etc. , with operability, you can refer to Baidu Index and competitor data; Set up a team, a team of one person or several people, generally speaking, small and medium-sized enterprises are 2- 3 people, one person is responsible for monitoring the process and copywriting and website content updates, and the other 1- The two are mainly external chain construction such as forums, B2B, blogs, microblogs and other social media. In addition, the team can regularly produce some network activities to improve its influence. Draw up a plan, that is, plan the implementation of each link and make a good schedule. 2. Scheme implementation: the scheme here refers to the scheme of the website, the planning and positioning of the website; Combing the website structure; Conceive the content of the website and imagine the general framework of the construction of the website external chain. (This Xilong is already done) 3. Monitoring improvement: mainly monitoring website traffic, search engine inclusion, keyword ranking and number of external links, which can refer to tools such as Talk99 and Baidu Statistics. The most important thing in the whole process is that the most important thing in the process is execution. Website content construction worksheet: Date information type, title information ID includes content construction summary table: content type, execution method, person in charge, high-quality original copy, such as 10 articles per week, pseudo Original (Edit content) 10 articles per week, reprinted articles, 5 articles per week and other website content related: Company introduction, product introduction, business model introduction; Introduction of industry information and analysis of competitors; Customer dynamic introduction and so on. The most important thing is to reflect the company's fresh dynamics, make customers credible, and let customers know more about the company and its services. External chain construction work plan: submit website directory, number of friendship links, Forum signature posting, QQ space such as Post Bar, encyclopedia, library, blog, microblog, Renren and other social media, these can attract more attention and popularity in the form of event and topic marketing! The external chain construction release website should pay attention to the correlation with products and industries. Of course, the more the better, but it depends on the workload. After setting the quantity, it is the daily release! In addition, let all employees of the company collect more company websites and search websites through keywords to improve user experience! Written by Xilong luggage
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