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Send employees at the end of the year, these high-end backpacks cannot be missed

by:Xilong      2020-02-27
At the end of the year, the company's year-end awards and year-end gifts are things that employees are looking forward to. What kind of year-end gifts will the boss send to employees this year? At the end of the year to send employees, gifts should be carefully, let's see what Xilong luggage is introduced. 1. High-end business Emergency raincoat backpack. This backpack is a new backpack for Xilong luggage 2019 in autumn and winter. It uses backpacks while selecting excellent materials. The raincoat is ingenious and creative, with built-in multi-functional compartments, meet the daily travel requirements when loading documents, computers and personal belongings, at the same time, there is also a hidden raincoat compartment bag at the bottom of the backpack, built-in high-grade waterproof folding raincoat, when going out in the wind and rain, just open the bottom zipper gently, you can take the raincoat out and wear it to protect yourself and the contents of the bag from wind and rain. When employees travel and commute, they will always encounter unpredictable weather factors. I believe everyone will like such a multi-functional backpack at the end of the year. 2. APOLLO 'S DREAM classic Chinese series backpack is booming Chinese red. Red not only represents happiness and auspiciousness, but also implies people 'S good expectations for future development. Welcoming the new year, sending such a prosperous backpack to employees not only conforms to the festive atmosphere of welcoming the new year, but also expresses the company's good wishes to them through this prosperous backpack and wishes them a more prosperous future in the coming year. 3, original high-end business computer backpack, original high-end business computer backpack, selected materials, first-class quality, simple and elegant streamlined design, with artistic stitching, urban fashion temperament, business sense classic bag, good partner for business commuting. Such a simple and elegant backpack for employees is also a very good choice for year-end gifts. The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the efforts of its employees. Each employee is a member of the Enterprise family and gives'Family'Of course, we should pay attention to our gifts. Customized backpacks can be customized according to the characteristics and culture of the enterprise, and a unique backpack can be designed and customized. Such a customized backpack is exclusive to the enterprise and representative of the enterprise, giving to employees also represents the recognition of employees by the enterprise, so that employees can feel the intention of giving gifts. Enterprise backpack customization, looking for Xilong luggage manufacturers, Xilong luggage has 15 years of experience in gift backpack customization, has a strong design and production team, can be customized according to customer needs to design custom backpacks, designing customized brand backpacks for TCL, Baidu, Dell and other well-known enterprises all the year round is a backpack manufacturer that you should consider and choose.
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