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Schoolbag purchase season, prepare goods in advance to win the opportunity

by:Xilong      2020-03-10
Every summer is the peak season for the sales of schoolbags. The production of schoolbags has a certain period of time. It is about to enter June. The buyers of major schoolbags are also looking for suitable manufacturers, in order to ship goods in advance and win the market opportunity first. In the face of fierce market competition, it is not easy to win the first opportunity. First of all, you have to choose some hot-selling schoolbag styles. Only when consumers like them and buy them can they be said to win the first opportunity. Below, Xilong luggage manufacturers will recommend some hot-selling schoolbags to everyone. Come and understand them quickly. 1, high-grade texture waterproof pearlescent material student bag, this bag is encrypted pearlescent material, waterproof and tasteless, can be safely used by students, shoulder straps conform to the body of primary school children, shoulder straps are made of nylon webbing, the shoulder strap is reinforced twice and is firm and does not press on the body. The two layers of the schoolbag are equipped with grid bags, which can store water cups and umbrellas for students to take, and the internal structure is meticulous. There are two layers of books and small zipper bags, which can be used as stationery bags. If you are afraid that your child's schoolbag will be taken wrong at school, you can use the name slot on the back for certification. With cartoon Pearl material as the main material, the appearance is beautiful and lovely, which is very pleasing to the children and makes the students willing to go to school with their dear schoolbags. 2, fashion contrast color children's schoolbags, children's schoolbags should also be fashionable contrast color, this children's schoolbags contrast color fresh and natural, the main tone of the sky blue gives people a sense of sunshine, lively and cheerful, the whole surface of the sewing star pattern, more add playful sense this fashion cute practical of bag for small friends believe small friends also very like. 3, small fresh Children's bag, children's bag should be light and durable, comfortable and breathable, but also fresh and lovely, this bag is fresh and childish, very suitable for kindergarten or primary school students. Customize children's schoolbags and choose Xilong bags! The quality delivery period is all assured. Xilong bags have been customized for many well-known schools with high quality children's bags, and Xilong bags have been focused on luggage customization for 15 years and have a strong designer team, as well as having perennial cooperative relations with well-known domestic enterprises and schools, including Tsinghua Primary School, Tsinghua experimental school and many other schools, word of mouth guarantee, trustworthy! . Therefore, choosing a custom manufacturer for children's schoolbags, Xilong luggage is a manufacturer worth considering and choosing.
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