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【Schoolbag purchase]Parents are very interested in buying schoolbags during the school season

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
There are still 11 days before the start of the new semester in autumn 2019. Many parents have already begun to look for suitable new schoolbags for their children. The school bags have been in contact with their children for a long time, for the sake of their health, parents should not be careless when buying schoolbags, so as not to choose unqualified schoolbags to endanger children's health. The following Xilong bags will tell you how to choose a qualified bag. Let's take a look. 1, schoolbag style shoulder bag is better, there are many choices of schoolbag style, but among them, shoulder bag is the best, shoulder bag has large capacity and uniform stress, which can protect children's backpack health well. The capacity of the one-shoulder bag is small and not applicable. It is easy to cause high and low shoulders if one side of the shoulder is used for a long time, while the pull-rod bag will cause uneven stress on the spine and easily sprain the wrist for a long time. Moreover, the child's age is relatively small, the body is relatively thin, and dragging heavy objects for a long time will make the whole body tilt forward, which will lead to Hunchback and spine bending in severe cases. 2. Check the certificate of approval. The schoolbag has a certificate of approval indicating that the schoolbag is qualified. If the purchased schoolbag does not even have a certificate of approval, then the quality of the package is not good enough. Parents should not buy it. 3. Be alert to the smell of schoolbags. Parents should be alert to formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Although the smell of new schoolbags is not necessarily caused by formaldehyde exceeding the standard, attention should also be paid to it, formaldehyde is a colorless, irritating and water-soluble organic matter. Schoolbags made of inferior fabrics often have unpleasant pungent smell, after smelling for a long time, it may cause dizziness, dizziness and other symptoms. In the face of schoolbags that emit pungent smell, it is harmful to children's health. Therefore, parents should pay more attention when buying schoolbags, it is better not to buy schoolbags with strong smell or pungent smell. Buy customized schoolbags, please look for Xilong luggage manufacturers. The bags made by Xilong luggage are all selected and excellent materials to ensure that the materials are environment-friendly, healthy, non-toxic and harmless, and make products that satisfy customers, the products produced by Xilong bags and suitcases all conform to the light industry standards of the People's Republic of China (QB/T1333-2018) ', Can issue relevant test reports, visible product quality and service, worthy of choice, trustworthy.
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