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Schoolbag customization 'pit prevention guide', four details to know

by:Xilong      2020-08-20
When it comes to the schoolbag purchasing season again, are you still upset about looking for a factory? Schoolbags are children's loyal playmates and grow up happily with them! Kindergartens and schools should uniformly customize schoolbags, starting from safety and health, do not fall into various pits, and do not let schoolbags become invisible killers! Therefore, the small series launched a heavy, about the bag customization'Pit prevention guide'Four major details. Detail 1: The shoulder strap of the schoolbag should be thick and light. Never use inferior fabrics. Children in kindergartens and primary schools are just the time to grow up. In the choice of fabrics, high-grade schoolbags are exquisite in workmanship and materials are also constantly improving. Schoolbags made of high-grade fabrics are generally light, environmentally friendly and tasteless, with thick shoulder straps, playing the role of Ridge protection. If inferior fabrics are selected, besides heavy smell, they will also endanger children's health. Detail 2: schoolbag customization should be personalized style, establish brand image and improve publicity effect. The customization of schoolbags requires not only style but also exclusive personality style. Kindergartens and schools uniformly customize schoolbags and customize a unique'School package' It is particularly important to establish a school brand image and improve the publicity effect. In recent years, with the popularity of personalized luggage customization, more and more schools have customized students' schoolbags and printed school logos to show the strength and culture of schools. Detail 3: Don't just look at the price, quality is the most important, don't let the schoolbag become'Invisible Killer'. The production cost of schoolbags is the sum of the required fabrics, linings, hardware, labor prices and manufacturers' profits. High-grade schoolbags are exquisite in workmanship and materials, and the price is relatively high, while low-grade schoolbags are often poor in workmanship and materials, and the price is naturally not high. Detail 4: Choose a regular and professional bag manufacturer with guaranteed quality and no need to toss and worry. The production scale, product characteristics and technological level of each factory are not the same. There are not many small workshop-style factories. In order to ensure the quality is guaranteed, in the process, it will not be troublesome, must pay attention to the manufacturer's production qualification. Therefore, before choosing a regular professional bag manufacturer, we must learn to collect the real information of the manufacturer, such as the establishment time, production scale, number of employees, information certificate, etc. Are children's schoolbags still struggling to find a factory during the purchasing season? Choose Xilong bags and bags, and the quality and delivery time are all assured. As a benchmark enterprise in Guangdong's luggage customization industry, Xilong bags and bags have been focusing on the production and research and development of backpacks and are committed to providing valuable backpack customization services. After more than 12 years of development, the perfect product research and development system and quality control system are the manufacturers that make the directors and teachers worry!
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